Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

We are rolling. Brandon rolled for the first time today. He was on the counter at work on his tummy and lifted himself up so high that he just had to lean to one side and he rolled right over. Luckily I caught him lol, my counter is not very wide. I think he would have rolled a while ago because whenever he is on his back he gets his legs and part of his back off of the floor and can really rock but I hold onto him because I don't want him to flip off of the counter, but whatever. Today he rolled, yaaa for Brandon. And we didn't have to hid to see him do it like we did with Kristina lol. Whenever we would go out for a smoke she would be on her back when we left and on her tummy when we got back. She would never do it when we were in the room so finally we hid behind the couch and watched her do it that way ;)

Kristina is at her first camp away from home right now. Hence all the free time. Ha ha. She is having a ball I guess because I dropped her off Friday night and its Saturday night and we haven't heard so she must be doing great. I was a little worried how she would go to bed because shes only ever had sleepovers with Nana, Granny and The Auntie Malinda but I guess all went well. Speaking of sleepovers she is still talking about the monster trucks Auntie. We go get her at 2:30 tomorrow and so we cancelled dinner with my folks because if shes anything like I was nobody will want to be anywhere near her tomorrow because she will be so over tired. She will need a long soak in the tub and then off to bed super early. She sure is getting big fast.

Here are some pictures of Brandon in his bath. He loves his bath now. We have started just lying him on his back in the tub, instead of on one of those angles things and he just lays there and kicks away splashing like mad. Then when he gets his arms going he totally gets himself in the face and it freaks him right out. Then hes over it and keeps on going, its a riot. We have started to do the same thing with him every night in an attempt to get him on more of a schedule, which will be easier when I am home, and feeding him cereal after we all have dinner. Then he gets a bath, some play time on the floor until hes really winning and then a bottle and off to bed, it seems to be working really well. We will see though when its been more than a few days.

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