Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Kristina has her first crush. Its all she can talk about. Aiden, Aiden, Aiden. I am trying to take it seriously and not bug her about it so that she will come to me and tell me all about it and not hide it so that I will know if anything funky is going on but man its hard. Kristina has a boyfriend is all I can sing in my head. She keeps giggling and saying I have a crush on Aiden, Aiden in the afternoon class. Today she said that Maxine told Aiden she has a crush on him and now he is being really nice to cute. She just keep giggling and going red in the face and then asking if her face is red. Personally I think she loves it. Hopefully all the crush is in kindergarten is asking your friends to ask him if he likes you and so on. Maybe some hand holding but that's it. Hopefully ;) Time will tell. So far she just giggles and thinks he is nice and doesn't even want to play with him at daycare, if he plays hockey she stays outside and so on. Oh and just for the record in Kristina's world a crush means you like someone more than a friend but you don't have to marry them, apparently Aiden is not marriage material.

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Anonymous said...

what a start to blogging. Well done.
Love Mom