Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reesh would be proud ;)

Its official, I am turning Hippie :)

I have always used homeopathic teething stuff for Brandon, it works AMAZINGLY well! I love it. I am all over the stainless steel water bottle thing! Ask anyone ;) I bought a DHA supplement (also known as cod liver fish oil) for both my kids a week and a half or so ago. Its supposed to be great for eye development, brain development, behavioral issues, and much much more! Its going good too except for Kristina making herself vomit the first time she tried it. That was fun. She always has been good at making herself gag and such so it was not too out of her realm.

My latest though is good old cloth diapers! I used to think that cloth diapers were a HUGE pain in the ass, messy, yucky and just gross! I wouldn't even have considered it with Kristina. A few months back I pondered it for Brandon and decided no. Kris was totally against it and I was wanting to do it because it was "cool" the diapers were fun looking, it was something to buy, and lets face it, I LOVE to buy stuff ;) If I can remember correctly it came down to the poop factor. There is a poop factor no matter much you think there isn't one and I was just not ready for it. It has been on my mind though the last few months and its one of those things I just couldn't shake. I just kept coming back to it. I was feeling like because this is my last baby it was my last chance to at least try cloth. I was feeling like if I didn't I was definitely going to regret it.

So what did I do? I headed down to my old stomping grounds, Little Me and chatted with Sherry and Kristina and tried to figure out what I wanted to do and what my best options were. I decided to a bit of each and went with three different types. I won't go on and on about them, but they are great. So simple to use, very cost effective and so so so so cute!!! I have dealt with my first cloth diaper poop and it was fine. Rolled right off into the toilet and no gagging, ya for me. Kristina also suggested that if its really runny and won't just fall off the diaper to rinse it out in the tub with the shower sprayer. Of course. So simple. And I just through them in the was every few days and we are good to go!!!

Are you proud Reesh or what? :)

I am very happy with my purchase and now I sit and wait for them to call and tell me that more have arrived for me to go and pick up. YAAAAAAAAA!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

7 Months!

Wow, 7 months already! Time flies when your having fun! I can't believe how much he is doing already! He is sitting, crawling, standing, not too chatty yet, even with babbling. Sometimes he is but most of the time hes pretty quiet. He does a LOT of raspberry's!!! He has 3 teeth and the forth will be through be tommorow. The next two I can see right under the gums and should be in by the end of the week! My baby boy isn't going to be a baby for much longer it seems! Here are some new pics.

My boys!!!

Loving Nana time!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mama says slow down!

Time is just flying by lately, it seems like Brandon is doing something new everyday! His top left tooth has cut through and the right one is right behind it. The two on either side of them look to be not far behind as well, I guess that would explain the rough night last night! I was up 4 times and Kris 2 times, wow! Hes just extra cranky, but luckily for us that's still pretty happy! Yaaaa for easy kids! Yesterday Brandon starting to do the normal crawl, he just got it like that. As soon as he figured it out he was off and it was done! He is getting much faster at chasing his Sissy and they are both loving it! I am so glad that they both like each other so much still. I know they will always love each other but I hope that they will always like each other and maintain a close relationship throughout there lives! Brandon has also started pulling himself up onto stuff, man they go through the stages fast, I knew in my head that about a week or so after crawling he would be standing but wow, to fast for me!

Look at my teeth!

"Gotcha Sissy"

Look at me standing all by my big boy self!!!
"I love the ball Nana got me"

Saturday, September 13, 2008

More teeth!!!

Well Brandon was a bit crankier than normal last night so I finally thought to check and see if he was getting more teeth, well he is. His top left tooth was almost through and should be by now. He sure is growing up fast! At least I can be thankful that hes not too bad while getting teeth, gotta love it!

On other news I am exhausted!!! I worked three days this week for my old store "Little Me" and then my usual 20-25 hours at "Reitmans" and of course doing everything at home! I had to give up working at "Little Me" because its just too much. Brandon didn't really like it because he had like a 4 by 4 spot to play and could see Mommy but she couldn't play. And I was just wiped, I can't do it all. I finally realized that that was why I sold the store, I didn't want to have to do it with the kids. I wanted to stay home. I did get some good stuff out of it though. I got lots of Christmas gifts and a shower gift and some clothes for the kids. It was fun but I feel much better now that I am done!!!

Gotta go as I am off to work :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Baby Sophie!!!

Welcome to the family baby Sophie!!! She was born to my cousin Keyla and Jason Doleman!!! Arriving safely on Sept 8th 2008!!! We love you!!!

In other news Brandon is just doing more and more everyday. Earlier this week he started sitting up from lying down or crawling. He couldn't do it on Sundays at my parents for dinner but a day or two later he can do it no problem. He is also starting to pull himself up on stuff! He was standing in his crib when Kris went in there the other day and hes been up on his knees lots but I just turned around a few minutes ago and he was standing at the couch. SLOW DOWN BUDDY!!! I don't want you to grow up so fast. Oh and I can't forget the most important thing yet!!! HE HAS STOPED PUKING!!!!!!! OK not entirely but almost totally, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to school!!!

So whats new? Kristina is back in the swing of school. She is in grade one now, wow!!! She is very tired but she loves it. She wants to start taking the bus on Monday. I was sad at first because my buddy is gone most of the day but I am now loving it. I get time to spend with Brandon alone and I get more done during the day faster because I just do it while he is sleeping or playing and then when Kristina gets home from school we can play more instead of doing chores all day!!! Brandon seems to like having some just mommy time as well but he does miss his sissy. He is very happy to see her when she gets home. Work is going GREAT. I am loving it and especially loving all of the people!!! I am also staring to work at my old store next week. I am excited to do that too. I really am glad to have sold it but it will be nice to get back in there and get to price all the stuff and just to hang out with Kristina and Sherry. It should be fun.

Love the Mohawk