Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

We are rolling. Brandon rolled for the first time today. He was on the counter at work on his tummy and lifted himself up so high that he just had to lean to one side and he rolled right over. Luckily I caught him lol, my counter is not very wide. I think he would have rolled a while ago because whenever he is on his back he gets his legs and part of his back off of the floor and can really rock but I hold onto him because I don't want him to flip off of the counter, but whatever. Today he rolled, yaaa for Brandon. And we didn't have to hid to see him do it like we did with Kristina lol. Whenever we would go out for a smoke she would be on her back when we left and on her tummy when we got back. She would never do it when we were in the room so finally we hid behind the couch and watched her do it that way ;)

Kristina is at her first camp away from home right now. Hence all the free time. Ha ha. She is having a ball I guess because I dropped her off Friday night and its Saturday night and we haven't heard so she must be doing great. I was a little worried how she would go to bed because shes only ever had sleepovers with Nana, Granny and The Auntie Malinda but I guess all went well. Speaking of sleepovers she is still talking about the monster trucks Auntie. We go get her at 2:30 tomorrow and so we cancelled dinner with my folks because if shes anything like I was nobody will want to be anywhere near her tomorrow because she will be so over tired. She will need a long soak in the tub and then off to bed super early. She sure is getting big fast.

Here are some pictures of Brandon in his bath. He loves his bath now. We have started just lying him on his back in the tub, instead of on one of those angles things and he just lays there and kicks away splashing like mad. Then when he gets his arms going he totally gets himself in the face and it freaks him right out. Then hes over it and keeps on going, its a riot. We have started to do the same thing with him every night in an attempt to get him on more of a schedule, which will be easier when I am home, and feeding him cereal after we all have dinner. Then he gets a bath, some play time on the floor until hes really winning and then a bottle and off to bed, it seems to be working really well. We will see though when its been more than a few days.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Becoming a SAHM

I am getting nervous. I think I can do it all. Right now I work full time and take of most of the things at home, of course with the help of hubby, most of the time. I am imagining, in a week and a half, that I will have time to go for a walk or two everyday and play lots with the kids, keep the house clean, cook, and just all around have lots of time to get everything done. If I can get it all done now while I work full time how can I not when I am not working. I don't know though. I am starting to get worried. I am remembering Brandon's first two weeks where Kris and I were both home and really he was easy, ate and slept and we just took turns, but the days flew by and we got like nothing done. I am worried it will be like that. I will get up start to get stuff done and the day will be over. What if I don't get any more done than now and we just have way less money? What if I don't get to spend that much more time with the kids with all the extra housework and stuff and then its not all that great. I have been reading this blog called "True Mom Confessions" and I read all these women saying how they either hate staying home or spend all day online, which I could totally see me doing, or they get nothing done. Hopefully that won't be me. Hopefully I will love it and get lots done and the kids will always behave and it will be glorious. Ha Ha Ha, hopefully I just don't kill them. I guess I should just not worry and see what happens. I am trying to not get my hope up and expectations going but I can't help it. I envision spending the days at the water park and the beach while finding lots of time to play and clean and hopefully cook. We will see I guess. 7 days of work left YAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I am sooooo ready for no stress.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Solids Already???

Wow. Who would of thought that at three and a half months he would be totally ready for solids? Not me that's for sure. They say 6 months for solids now but when Kristina was born it was 4 months so I figured I would start him at 4 months like we did with Kristina. Ask anyone, if there is anything I am anal about its food for my kids. (Not as bad as I used to be though rest assured folks) I can't help but think that by feeding them too much and too early might hurt them. Who knows really but I have just read it so much its been ingrained into my little head. But Brandon is showing all of the signs of being ready and after talking to good old Auntie Malinda today we were thinking that it might help him sleep through the night. Its funny that when Dylan was little I told her that but when your in it yourself you don't always see it as clearly as other people do. So I am hoping that after a crap load of rice cereal, a super fun bath, some tummy time and then playtime, half a bottle (with bloodshot eyes he was sooo tired) that he will sleep through the night or almost anyways. He was only getting up once but in the last week or two hes been getting up like 2 sometimes 3 times. He was teething a bit but I also think hes just in the habit of getting up. Last night the first time he got up he only had 1 1/2 ounces and then went back to sleep so he obviously wasn't hungry. So we will take the Aunty's advice and hope for the best tonight. Lets all cross our fingers, mommy and daddy are exhausted! But how cute is he?!?!?!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So yesterday Kristina was in trouble a few times, hard to believe I know, but anyways she interrupted me while I was talking to Brandon and I told her that it doesn't matter who I am talking to, because he can't really talk, you can't interrupt. So then I sent her to her room. She obviously didn't listen to me when I told her why she was in trouble because a few minutes later I told her to come out, apologize, and tell me why she was in her room. She didn't know what she had done wrong. She said she was being bad and not listening, nice guess but no ;) So I kept sending her back to her room until she could figure out what she did. I did give her a hint. I told her that I said I don't care who I am talking too you don't.... She couldn't get it. I felt bad because she was getting SUPER frustrated but I just kept saying maybe next time you will listen. Well onto the funny part. She came out at one point and says to me can't you just tell me to bend over so we can get this over with? No way I said. Wow doesn't that just say it all. We started out with standing in the corner and then spanks and now going to her room, you have to change it up because eventually it just stops working. Doesn't that just say it all?!?!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I am over it!

Ok so the diapers sounded like fun and they were SUPER CUTE but I am over it. Lets be realistic, I hate poop. Like I really really really hate it. What was I thinking? Well I guess you all know, I wanted to buy stuff but hey I don't really need it. And of course what appears to be a good deal on Ebay the price always jacks way up at the end. Oh well I am over it. On to bigger and better things.

The van ROCKS! I love it. I never thought in a million years I would want to drive a minivan but its great. So much room, the windows are huge so I can see everything, and it has a sunroof, that just tops it all off for me. It has everything I wanted, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows, and seating for 7!!! I can admit however that I was uber disappointed in the fact that it didn't have power locks. No beeper I can handle but no power locks, how the hell do you do that with two kids, a purse, a diaper bag and god knows what else. Well I guess they did it in the olden days...he he he...but I finally got a hold of my PMS and said I will figure out a way to make it work. The van was only $500 and including everything we got for it including all the fun stuff like cup holders and stuff is came in well under $1000 so I can suck up the power locks. I got over it but admittedly was still a little bummed, but only a little. Today however I discovered that if you push the lock down in the front (driver or passenger ) they all lock or unlock so how cool is that. Now I am over the moon. And of course it wouldn't be complete if my darling husband hadn't spend ALL day yesterday cleaning it, and fixing it, and cleaning it, he rules. I love you honey.

And of course for Brandon, he is 3 months now and talking up a storm, it is sooo cute. Its like he really thinks he is talking to you. We took him for his 3 month check up today and he is 15lbs, he is a getting to be a big boy. He is really teething right now, hes just kind of cranky, only as cranky as a Watson child can get :) and we just got some homeopathic stuff for him and it works like a charm. He is soo close to rolling but I know that when that happens its just a matter of time until he is rolling all over the house and then crawling and then walking, man I am sooo not ready for that. Finally he is smiling tons, just like big sissy Kristina did when she was little. I love smiley babies, they are just too cute. He is giggling a bit but the belly laugh is were it is for me. I can't wait for it although I am trying not to be more excited for the stages that are coming and just trying to enjoy the now. Brandon is most likely our last baby so I am just trying to enjoy him and not stress. 2 weeks to go until I get to stay home with him and Kristina full time, man am I ready for that. Beach and park here we come!

We can't forget to post a picture of our BFF Amanda, Kristina sends a shout out to you :)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A new van for Mommy

YAAAA for us. We just bought a 1992 Bluey Green Mazda 4x4 MPV (Van)!!!!! Could I be anymore excited? Hell no! Kris is going to fix up and sell the truck and drive the car for a while. Once we find someone to take over the lease (Cross your fingers) he will get another truck, a cheaper one. Well back to my van, I have been wanting for a while now. Who would have thought that with two kids a full sized car wouldn't be big enough. Obviously me or I wouldn't have signed a lease on a car. But yes its way to small for us. Kristina can be in the back (if she wants) and have the whole bench to herself and Brandon can be behind me and there is lots of room for groceries and all the other goodies that go along with being a mom. And YAAAAAAA it has a moon roof. I am still not sure yet if that means it pops up instead of rolling all the way back or if its really like a regular sunroof, who cares though, it has a hole in the roof, and it doesn't leak! Can you tell I am excited. Kris is bringing it home tomorrow and working on it tomorrow night and Saturday if need be and then hopefully we can take it out camping with my folks Saturday night. It just needs a new radiator and a tune up, all of which Kris can do. Who doesn't love having a super handy husband.

OK I need help. I am on a diaper kick. Its like I get something in my head and I just obsess about it and I can't make it go away, its awful. I want to buy cloth diapers. But I can admit its not for the environment, its because they are just so cute now. Super cute prints and just as easy to use as disposables, way cheaper in the long run. They make ones that are good from 8-35 lbs and then you can sell them after. Too cool. I am thinking about the poop part though. Pee doesn't bother me at all. Another load of laundry a day, no problem, I actually like to do laundry, I really do. But poo, I don't know yet. See hard poop, no problem, just give it a shake into the toilet but its the runny ones I am worried about, gross. I don't want to touch it and I don't want tons of it going through the wash because ya, I put me clothes in there too. Eww. Kris says No Way, he has basically forbid it :) But I don't know there are some on Ebay right now and if I can get them for cheap enough I will get them because if they are that cheap and I end up not liking them I will resell them and get more back than I paid so its no risk. Even if I do like them when I am done I can sell them and get more money back. And they are CUTE :) See I have problems.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 weeks to go!!!!!!!!

Really 2 weeks and 4 days to go until I can stay home with my babies. I am super excited to say the least. I will be working a bit still, at night and one weekend day but will have the opportunity to stay home with them all day every day, so excited!!!!!! Kristina is very excited as well. Almost every morning she gets up and asks "Do you have to go to work today mommy?" Too cute. I also think that it will make it easier to get into a routine with Brandon. At work he kinda just eats and sleeps whenever it works for us but at home I will at least know if hes on a schedule because at work one minute its like 10 am and then the next its 1 pm so I really don't have time to pay attention. He gets a lot of my attention at work but I think it will be more quality attention at home. Kristina is excited because we can go to the park and to the beach all the time instead of always doing errands on our one day off so that's cool. I will definitely miss a lot of the people I have gotten to know through the store but have been collecting phone numbers and plan on doing some play dates and stuff so that should be good. Oh and Kristina is signed up for swimming lessons now, which she hasn't done for like a year because we just don't have the time. I think that I am most excited to be able to sit and relax with my man at night and not have us both running around like crazy trying to get everything done.

The count is on!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

They love to bath together now!

Mothers Rule. So do fathers, but that's next month :) I am having a wonderful Mothers Day so far. I got to sleep all night, Kris got up with Brandon and I got to sleep in until 9:30. Kris and Kristina made pancakes and strawberries and whipped cream, which of course Kris had to spray in my It was delicious. Jan came over for breakfast and it was wonderful, we don't even have to do the dishes :) Then Kristina and I are going with my mom for a strawberry tea. That is right up Kristina's alley, she loves tea and loves getting dressed up. Then we are going to my parents for Chinese food for dinner..yaaa. My favorite. Hope everyone has an awesome day, Happy Mothers Day to all.

Apparently Brandon loves Kristina's Webkin's.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fun Fair

Well tonight was Kristina's first fun fair. It was a western theme which was a lot of fun. I thought it was a lot of fun, Kristina had a blast, Kris hit on the other moms, they actually thought he was funny though and were not offended...yaaaa. We got Kristina a hair extension, blue I think, and a rose tattoo, very biker girl. Brandon of course was bored out of his tree.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Kristina has her first crush. Its all she can talk about. Aiden, Aiden, Aiden. I am trying to take it seriously and not bug her about it so that she will come to me and tell me all about it and not hide it so that I will know if anything funky is going on but man its hard. Kristina has a boyfriend is all I can sing in my head. She keeps giggling and saying I have a crush on Aiden, Aiden in the afternoon class. Today she said that Maxine told Aiden she has a crush on him and now he is being really nice to cute. She just keep giggling and going red in the face and then asking if her face is red. Personally I think she loves it. Hopefully all the crush is in kindergarten is asking your friends to ask him if he likes you and so on. Maybe some hand holding but that's it. Hopefully ;) Time will tell. So far she just giggles and thinks he is nice and doesn't even want to play with him at daycare, if he plays hockey she stays outside and so on. Oh and just for the record in Kristina's world a crush means you like someone more than a friend but you don't have to marry them, apparently Aiden is not marriage material.


Wow, you really know you love someone when its 3:30 in the morning and you didn't go to bed until midnight because you are just so caught up in your new blog :) and your son is screaming. You put the bottle in his mouth and look down at him, after rubbing your eyes, and smile. Man I love this kid. Wow even after only a few hours sleep I can't help but smile at him. Everyone says that kids really change your life but you have no idea how much until it happens to you. It still catches me off guard sometimes. I am so not a morning person, like at all. And hes just too cute, even at 3:30 in the morning.

I have been trying to explain love to Kristina lately and the latest thing that I have told her is that no matter what she will ever do in her life, no matter how upset or disappointed (Big mom word there) I am in her I will always love her. So now whenever she is in trouble now I get "Mom I know your not happy with me but you still love me right?" "Of course I do, but go to your room."

Kids :) Gotta love em!

Finally a picture of me and my new boy.

Here is some pics of Kristina with her little school friends at her Spring concert.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Here we go

Well I guess the time has come to join the rest of the world and start blogging. Hopefully this isn't as addicting as facebook :)

I guess I just want to have some sort of record of my kids lives and I know Kristina loves seeing her picture on the computer.

Kristina is 5 and a half right now and Brandon is 2 and a half months.

Kristina is as mouthy as ever, yaa for us. This is quite a frustrating phase for us. Nothing seems to be working. Spanking, time outs, going to her room for the night, loosing toys. So I guess its consistency and more consistency and some, no a lot of patience thrown in there too. Other than that she is as cute as ever and such a good help. I am hoping that it won't end anytime soon but right now all she wants to do is help. I love it. It has actually been like this for quite a long time. I don't know if its because she is a girl or what but its great. Hopefully this will last a while.

Brandon is growing like a weed and getting cuter everyday. He is only getting up once a night. Usually going to bed at 8:30 and getting up between 3 and 4am for 30 minutes and then getting up again at 7 or 8. Awesome for us right now because I am also working full time at the store and so Kris and I are taking turns getting up with him. I say taking turns but we really all know that Kris gets up more than me. I have just never really been a morning person, just ask my mom ;) I don't think I ever will be either. But thank god Kris is here, he rocks. Seriously honey, you do!

Brandon is also smiling like crazy and just seems soo close to laughing. I love it. I have sold my store, and am so looking forward to being able to stay home with my kids. I will get a job for some nights and one weekend day so Kris is home with the kids while I am at work so they aren't in daycare. That will be great though. I will have the luxury of staying home with the kids and also be able to get out of the house and have some adult time, and hopefully a discount ;) Wish me luck. I guess with all the free time I will soon be having I will be able to post pics and updates often, wink wink.