Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too much time with Granny and Uncle Nick!

Well I think Brandon has been spending too much time with his Granny and Uncle Nick! We went outside this morning to fill the wood box, again! Then when we were finished we headed into the green house to get the top for our gazebo to put up and then headed back to the house to play on the deck. Instead of following me home he headed straight for the duck house, with a purpose.

I followed him to see what he was doing and he headed straight into the duck house. Before I could catch up with him he had the cooler of duck food open and was filling a bucket with handfulls of food for the ducks. It was so cute, I went in and asked him what he was doing and he said ducks. So he got a few handfulls in and we went to feed the ducks. He of course wanted to hand feed them but they weren't going to have any of that. So I finally convinced him to throw it at them. And that he did, he hummed it right at them lol!

Once we were finished he went to go put the empty bucket away and Martha was eating out of the duck food dish. Brandon decided to take it upon himself to discipline her. He yelled at her, "Martha No" and she walked away and he put his hands on his hips and glared a very disappointed look her way. It was so funny! And back to the house we went.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The pics I promised

So here are the latest pics of Brandons room all redone, the kids playing with some new playdough, and Kristina's hat that I made her!
Kristina loves that hat I made her! She takes it everywhere! Brandons room is almost done now, I just put up the last picture tonight, it just needs curtains!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Its beautiful!

Well its beautiful out and we are out enjoying it now that we aren't sick anymore. We had an awful Spring Break. Kristina only got a tiny bit sick but her whole Spring Break sucked because Brandon was so ill. He had bronchitis and to go with that he had really really high fevers and a bad couch. He was mostly really tired and slept a lot. He would wake up from a 3 hour nap and then come out crying and I would cuddle him and he would pitch a fit and walk back to his room, slam the door and crawl back into bed. It was so sad.

Hes much better now though other than couching when its cold outside and he gets a breath of the cold air. Kristina and I managed to get a bunch of baking done though and that was fun. She sure ha grown up. She is really a good help, not an annoying get it the way kind of help either. We did up a ton of baking for Kris and he is loving it.

I have started knitting and am loving it. I made Kristina a hat so far that I am going to finish tonight at knitting club. I know, knitting club, really! The woman who owns the yarn store in town puts it on at one of the local coffee shops and we all just go and knit together and there is help there if you need it. I am hoping they can show me how to finish off this hat tonight.

Kris is doing great! He is still loving his job, as much as you can love a job, and has been running with his buddy Nick lately. They are up to 3 km during their lunch break. Its awesome. So the baking and the running just need to balance out now. LOL. I am still loving Reitmans, I work with some awesome girls and really don't mind going to work to hang out with them and trying on clothes. Its nice to get a break from the crying and loudness at home but I do miss them while I am at work.

Brandon is slowly but surly talking more and more. He spits out new words now and then and we are surprised but he isn't talking up a storm yet, well of really words anyways! I am sure like with all else it will come when hes good and ready. Same with potty training. He had a bit of a regression with being sick and all. He was only in diapers for a good solid week so its taking a bit to get him back to it but its coming.

Well I am outside so I can't put up any pics but I will add the pic of my hat when its all done, oh and I guess some of the kids too.