Saturday, January 24, 2009


So Brandon seems to be down to one nap a day, yaaaaa. I am loving the one nap a day. He is napping for like 3 hours or so, so I can get lots of stuff done. Its not like before, when he went down and I shower, tidy the house and hes up again. I am happy. Hes also getting tired earlier at night and going to bed now most nights at 6:30 to 6:45. I was worried at first that he would start to get up earlier too but so far so good, hes still getting up at like 7. Kristina gets Mommy and Daddy alone time now after he goes to bed, she is happy too. We put his new squeaky shoes on again tonight and he likes them! Yaaaaa. We also let him walk down to Nana and Papas tonight and he was soooo proud of himself. He kept smiling and giggling. Too cute. His infection seems to be almost totally gone. Yaaa. I guess he really does have sensitive skin though because hes in disposies right now and he pooped at Nana and Papas and so we came home and changed him and his little bum was already red so I guess that's just how he is and we just need to be careful.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rash Rash go away!!!!

Well Brandon's rash has gotten MUCH worse. Its gone on his bum but it moved up to his boy parts. All around the tip is all swollen and blistered. Thankfully its not hurting him too much. We went to the doctor this morning and he was prescribed antibiotics and polysporin. It should clear up in the next 24-48 hours. And even my doctor who is in like his 50's said it wouldn't be from cloth diapers, so we are excited to keep on using them when hes done with the polysporin. I also picked up some raw silk liners which keep babies bums drier and they are antibacterial. They are great for sensitive bums! Birthday gift idea. More of those from Little Me, and we can always use more diapers! Any who we also decided today that he really needed to get some shoes. Hes walking so well that he just needs them. So off I go to my drawer of goodies and out popped the cutest shoes. Mini Pas, they squeak when babe walks. So cute. Brandon of course is scared of them, he screams as soon as they go on which is weird because hes used to wearing Robeez everyday, these are leather too, a bit more sturdy than Robeez but still soft. He will get over that eventually. Kristina has been home the last two days with a fever, low grade, but enough that I can't send her to school. Not much else new with her :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

11 Months

Wow, I fell like I say this all of the time, but time if flying by. Brandon is sort of talking, saying all done, sort of, saying Mama, Dada, Nana, and stuff. Walking super good, almost running, he really wants to keep up with that sissy of his. I finally got my camera working good so I have some more pics.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I am on a winning streak!!!

Well so far with entering mommy blog contests I have won a Smart Mom teething set (Necklace, bracelet, and key chain), a box of Ferraro Roche chocolates, and now a $20 container of baby but balm! Check them out with the buttons on the right side of my blog!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well Brandon had a pretty bad bum rash, poor little guy. So we decided to go and get some disposables and see if we could get it to clear up. Creams were just not working. It cleared up in about 2 days or so and I spent that time stripping my diapers in case there was a detergent build up in them causing his rash. He was back in his cloth diapers yesterday and all is well so far. I also am not puting him back into the Bum Genius ones quite yet as apparently the fabric isn't too hot for those with sensitive skin. We are going to try out the rest for a few more days and if the rash isn't coming back then I will try the Bum Genius ones to see if that was the problem. If it was detergent that problem is solved.

I also heard about soap nuts which are apparently GREAT for washing cloth diapers. They are good for all sorts of laundry but excellent for cloth diapers. I have ordered a sample of them to try out. They are all natural, a berry accually. They grow in India on trees and then the berry dries up and you use the shells for laundry. You just through 4 or 5 shells into a little bag and through it into your wash. The saponins in it are released and thats what cleans your clothes or diapers. They have no added chemicals or pesticides and so they are great for those with Exema or allergies. I am very excited about them.

Amys sister in law Tenille has a contest on her blog right now to win some at feel free to go on over and try to win yourself some. You can also order a sample for a penny plus shipping (it worked out to be about $5)

Anyways I am hoping that these will also be good for Brandons rash and his poor bum!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Quick update

I don't have any pics this time as I can't find the cord for the camera but I wanted to jot down Brandon's latest accomplishments. He is still walking more and more, and can shake his head no while dancing. This is just so cute. If you have music on, which we do a lot of the time, he starting bouncing up and down or shaking his head back and forth. You can see him try to do both at the same time but he just can't do it, its adorable. Hes also got stairs down pat. Hes been spending a lot of time with the sissy working on stairs here, at Nana's and Granny's. Well there hard work has paid off and he can do it great. He even knows to turn around to come down backwards. He also can get off the couch like that, he just knows to turn around. Brandon is also giving 5! Its so cute, I guess because he figured out the whole clapping thing he can high five now. You just put your hand up and he will smack it. I don't think I have shown Kristina that, I will have too.

Friday, January 2, 2009


Brandon is reminding me more and more of Dylan. I think its because I haven't seen Dylan as much as normal lately because Mal's working more and when she does come up I am working ;) Brandon just seems to be following in his cousins footsteps. I guess because they are 6 months apart. I see Dylan doing it and then Brandon is doing it a few months later, its kinda neat. Brandon is doing way more walking than crawling now. He pretty much always tries to walk instead of crawling and then eventually when he falls he finishes off by crawling. Hes getting really good, I figure it will only be a week or two before hes only walking and not crawling at all. Hes talking a bit too. He says Dada and Muma and knows who that is, he calls us and loves to give us kisses. Kristina is really wanting him to learn to say Sissy but I think that its harder for him to say so it will take longer but we are working on it. Hes playing more and more with toys not just rattles and stuff, not to long from now I will have to start getting rid of the more babyish stuff. I am just going to sell all of it except for all the wooden stuff I have. That stuff I plan on saving for my grand kids. Its priceless stuff and its not like it's going to be 40 years until I have grand kids so I don't see why not, oh and it will save me money ;) Then I won't have to buy them so much, I will have a few boxes of stuff for them to start with. I love wooden stuff, its nice to know how much safer it is compared to plastic with all these recalls lately. Lets see what else is Brandon doing? He pretty much eats all big people food. He loves prawns, steak and last night he had sausage, he loved it. Hes so his Daddy boy ;) His bum rash seems to be totally gone so lets hope that its gone for good because its making Daddy wish we didn't do cloth, which other than the rash I LOVE!!! They are so cute and way way way better for him, oh and the environment, oh and my wallet ;) Well I am off to bed! Goodnight!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas/New Years 2008

Well our Christmas was GREAT!!! Lots of fun spent with family, family and more family. It was wonderful. We had lots of good food and of course the kids had a great time. Brandon got to show off how hes doing so well walking and Kristina got to play Santa and hand out the gifts because she can read now. It was great! We were all recovered when it came time for New Years. Brandon went to bed like normal at about 7 and we let Kristina stay up late this year until about 9. Kris, Kristina and I played board games and hung out and then Kris and I watched some TV when Kristina went to bed and then sadly we went to bed about 10:30. I was never big on staying up late for New Years, not that it stopped me from sleeping in today :)

I am also not big on doing New Years Resolutions because mostly people never do them and then make themselves feel bad for not keeping them. This year however I would like to make more of an effort to spend more QUALITY time with my kids. We hang out lots but I want to try and do more with them. We are going to try and have a weekly games night and a weekly movie night. That will be challenging as I do work at least 3 nights a week but I really want to try. I will let you know how it goes :)