Friday, January 2, 2009


Brandon is reminding me more and more of Dylan. I think its because I haven't seen Dylan as much as normal lately because Mal's working more and when she does come up I am working ;) Brandon just seems to be following in his cousins footsteps. I guess because they are 6 months apart. I see Dylan doing it and then Brandon is doing it a few months later, its kinda neat. Brandon is doing way more walking than crawling now. He pretty much always tries to walk instead of crawling and then eventually when he falls he finishes off by crawling. Hes getting really good, I figure it will only be a week or two before hes only walking and not crawling at all. Hes talking a bit too. He says Dada and Muma and knows who that is, he calls us and loves to give us kisses. Kristina is really wanting him to learn to say Sissy but I think that its harder for him to say so it will take longer but we are working on it. Hes playing more and more with toys not just rattles and stuff, not to long from now I will have to start getting rid of the more babyish stuff. I am just going to sell all of it except for all the wooden stuff I have. That stuff I plan on saving for my grand kids. Its priceless stuff and its not like it's going to be 40 years until I have grand kids so I don't see why not, oh and it will save me money ;) Then I won't have to buy them so much, I will have a few boxes of stuff for them to start with. I love wooden stuff, its nice to know how much safer it is compared to plastic with all these recalls lately. Lets see what else is Brandon doing? He pretty much eats all big people food. He loves prawns, steak and last night he had sausage, he loved it. Hes so his Daddy boy ;) His bum rash seems to be totally gone so lets hope that its gone for good because its making Daddy wish we didn't do cloth, which other than the rash I LOVE!!! They are so cute and way way way better for him, oh and the environment, oh and my wallet ;) Well I am off to bed! Goodnight!!!

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