Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Its soooo hard with kids to say when they are "officially" doing anything so I would like to go back a few posts and correct that he isn't crawling, hes "mobile." I know it doesn't make a difference to anyone who reads this but I want to look back on all of this one day so I know when he did anything! So he is definitely moving around and can get anywhere but isn't doing the typical arm and knee crawl. He is up onto his knees, kind of goes forward and then drops and then pulls himself and then so on. Its sure cute though, I love how much more independent he is becoming! I guess that I would also say that hes sitting on his own now. He can sit for quite a while now without falling over, he has been able to sit for a while while holding onto something but fell quite quickly and now hes good for quite a while. I still can't believe that he is 6 months and getting older every day. It goes WAY too fast but at least I am getting to enjoy every moment of it!!!

I also have to say that I have had about enough of Kristina's attitude lately. She is really wearing on me. I am sad for her to go back to school because that we get to spend all day together but at the same time I am very excited because then we will be back to much more of a routine. (Hopefully the attitude will cease as well.) Kris and I have decided to sign her up for Sparks again and hopefully (if her swimming is strong enough) Sharks swim club. They meet twice a week for 45 Min's to work on obviously there swimming. Swimming is something that she really enjoys and is great exercise in the fall and winter when it can be just nasty outside!

Sitting up!

Can you guess who hes looking at?

Of course its Sissy!!!

We got to hang out with Dylan while Mommy was garage saleing, they had a blast!

Getting big!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

We have BIG news

The Carharts fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I know, maybe not big news to you but definetly big news to us! We couldn't be happier lol! Thanks Mom!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

6 Months already!!!

Wow, Brandon is already 6 months old. I know that everyone says it but where did the time go? He is getting so big and changing so quickly. He is crawling now. Sometimes does the wormy crawl and sometimes the regular crawl and sometimes on his toes and hands :) He doesn't go super fast yet, but I put him down and hes not there a few minutes later :) I can't believe how fast its going! Hes just getting cuter and cuter everyday and it seems like so long ago that he was a newborn. I am trying really hard to take lots of pictures because he does change so fast. Here are some of the latest!

Brandon went all the way into the pool for the first time with Sissy, Granny, and Uncle Nick! He actually loved it. I thought he wouldn't like it because it was soooo cold but he loved it. He was cold though because his little chin just kept quivering! It was too cute but he sure did like it!

In Granny's wig

Handsome tired boy!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Were moving!

Well I don't know what you would call it but Brandon is on the move! He doesn't stay on his back anymore at all, unless he is really really tired. Hes right onto that tummy and then worming his way around the house. He doesn't go too fast and doesn't follow you yet but he can get his way to a toy he wants or his sissy. He can turn himself right around super fast and then can worm his way forward and backwards. Hes also getting right up onto those knees now and going forward. Not the usual crawling motion but its working for him. He definitely likes that he can get to were he wants. I think it definitely helps that its summer so hes in onsies most of the time and then we have laminate flooring so its easy to grip for him.

Kristina had a friend spend the night this week and they were awesome. So awesome in fact that I told them they could have a sleepover once a week until school starts, and I was serious! They were a joy, so easy to look after, they just played outside and in the attic. They even slept up there. It was super, except that I guess when Savannah got home she ended up puking. I guess she got that flu bug we had, it must have still been floating around the house :( Oops!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The teeth have landed!

Wow, so this morning we woke up to Brandons first tooth. It has appeared, and was closly followed by his second tooth this evening. His bottom right and then the left. Wow, that was fast. I knew that the tooth was coming but two within hours, wow.

He is still cute as ever and soon to be getting his very own room, lucky kid. We have decided that Kristina is big enough to move to the attic all by her lonesome so he gets his own digs. We will be doing it over the next few weeks, I for one and super excited. Kristina of course is too. Kris not so much though because well, he needs to do some work up there.

PS - Can you tell what his favorite new toy is??? Hint (Its in his mouth)!!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whats up?

Well today I am sicker than a dog, so is Kris. We have the flu, I know and its like August. It SUCKS!!!! Kristina is camping with my parents though, thank goodness and Brandon is just being great, like usual. Hes a bit fussier than normal because Granny noticed that he has a new tooth coming in (his first actually.) Bottom left is what were thinking. Granny also spent some time yesterday getting him to get up onto his knees and I'll be darned it worked. Hes been doing it today! Hes going to be crawling in no time at all!!! Here's some pics of Brandon and Kristina with all the cousins, some new and some old!