Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well, its here. Christmas is tomorrow!!! I don't think I could be any more excited. And to top it all of Brandon is WALKING!!!! He's been taking 4, 5, or 8 or steps all day! Its so neat. And yes, just for the record I was officially right that he would be walking by Christmas! We are off to my parents tonight to do appies and then spending the morning with Kris's family and the afternoon with mine! I am just so excited I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight (We will see if this is the year that Kristina takes forever to go to sleep, every year before has been fine.) I tried to do my own little photo shoot the other day, how frustrating when you want the kids to do something specific and they just won't do it. But I finally got a good shot or two :) Have an amazing Christmas, I can't wait to see my little ones faces when they open up there presents!

Good Pic
Bad Pic (or a good one depending on how you look at it)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Win It!!!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 months

Well I work tomorrow all day so I better do this now so I don't forget ;) Brandon is going to my moms tomorrow night all by his big boy self so that the three of us can have a special night together. We are going to go for dinner, to see Santa, bowling and to drive around looking at Christmas lights. It should be fun. I think she could really use a dose of some just Kristina time. I am looking forward to it. Brandon is drinking milk now, homo milk. He seems to be doing OK on it, we have a bit of an issue the night before last with him being up like ALL night! It was awful, I wasn't sure if the milk was bothering him or if it was just a really bad cold, but I guess it was a cold because we are all good now! Thank goodness! Kristina had a milk allergy when she was little and thankfully outgrew it but it just sucks, rice milk is way more expensive than homo! We didn't even slowly put him onto it, we just did it. He has had lots of yogurt and cheese so I figured it wouldn't be a problem. He has also had his first haircut. Kris has been bugging me for a few weeks to do it but I didn't want to. His bangs were really getting long though so I did finally give them a trim in the bath. Looks pretty good if you ask me :)

PS - I can't wait for Christmas!!!



Kristina doing upside down snow angels :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas........Everywhere I go!!!!

Can you just hear me singing or what? lol! Well, lets is new around here :) Kristina is starting to behave better, starting though, we don't want to get to ahead of ourselves :) We have her sleeping in Brandon's room now. She seems to like it better and I have no worries about that. By the time he will need to go into that twin she will be more than ready to get some time away from him and escape to her attic.

We have had some snow in the past few days so its really feeling winter like around here, along with you know -10 degrees! That's cold! Kristina hasn't played in it too to much because its just too fine, you can't really make anything with it. But its beautiful just the same. She also had her first Christmas concert at school. It was just too cute. She did awesome, they all did. We are all done our Christmas shopping we just need to do one more thing, wrap it and we are DONE!!!! YAAAA for me!!!!

Brandon has finally walked to Sylvie, only a step or two but we can say its official and Sylvie is able to go now ;) Not right now but whenever she is ready. Brandon has now taken 3 steps on his own today, two yesterday for Nana! Hes getting more confident everyday. Yesterday he started waving, and today he started clapping. He really gets into it and really gets going. PS he can also kiss, and he does give the tongue if he really likes you :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is coming!!!

I love Christmas! I can't wait, I think I am actually more excited than Kristina is :)

Christmas rocks in more ways than get things of course, but I am a big giver, I love buying people things (sometimes this is bad because I can get carried away) but I love it. You get to spend time with family, all of your family, who doesn't love that? OK I could see some people not loving that, but I am lucky in that I love all of my family and beyond! The looks on the kids faces is priceless!!!!! You really can't beat that. They are sooooo excited that they can't sleep and get up super early and are just sooooo excited its contagious! When they believe in Santa sooooo much and are just thrilled with his gifts and that he ate his cookies and stuff! Wow, Christmas is only 15 days away, almost 14! I am getting sooo excited. I am done my shopping, I just need to get some photos with Santa and stuff like that done and then that's it. Everything is already wrapped, its just in my room instead of under the tree because then Brandon can't tear it apart. But we are ready. We just need some egg nog and we are good to go!!!!

Here are some of the latest pics of Brandon with his eyes open, I finally figured out to stop the first flash so he didn't always have his eyes closed in pics! Enjoy!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy December!

That's how my mom started out every month with us growing up. It seemed kind of silly but I can't help but continue it now! We are really getting into the Christmas spirit around here now! I am loving it up. I am so close to being done my shopping, that's my favorite part! Tonight we had appetizers for dinner including some garlic sausage, crackers, cheese and egg nog! Yummy! Then we all put out all of the decorations and set up our tree. Its beautiful! I can't wait for Christmas now, I really want to wrap stuff now but I don't see the point when I know Brandon will just drool them to death!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well I went and spoke with Kristinas principal and teacher and got this all sorted out. Let me start out with saying that shes doing awesome in school. She is excelling in math, that's her strong point. And shes "meeting expectations" elsewhere. We are very proud of her! She had said to the teacher a while ago that she didn't think she had any friends which made both us and the teacher very sad. The teacher asked her what she thought of that now and Kristina smiled and said that she did have friends now, lots of them. She is working on telling people how she feels about them with her words instead of her hands, shes a big hugger ;) We are also working with her on not lying and telling the whole truth. She needs to tell us and her teacher everything that happened instead of just bits and pieces. That way we can all deal with things properly because we have all of the information we need.

The issue with the other mom is just going to be ignored. I have let the teacher and principal know about her phone call and its documented. I have taken Kristina off of the afternoon bus as this mother is the driver. I will either pick her up from school or she can start taking a different bus. I also spoke with another mom in Kristinas class who is also a substitute teacher.........she also got one of these calls. I think this mother is just way too over involved and is trying to get in every one of her daughters little tiffs with friends when sometimes you just need to let them try and deal with it on there own. Kristina knows how to treat her friends and we will be following up with that to make sure shes behaving but I am just going to forget about this mother and move on. Lets hope that she doesn't call me again, but let me put out there now that I think she will be calling me again when she realizes Kristina isn't taking the bus anymore!

Overall we are very proud of girl who is growing up way to fast!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Eat $#!% and die!

Since Brandon had this nasty diaper rash we were letting go without a diaper for a few days. Other than napping he was Nekid and loving it!!! And being that I am obsessed with Facebook and such, I wasn't paying to close of attention to him the other day. Needless to say he ate his own poop! It was the grosses thing I have had to deal with as a parent thus far. He was sitting in the middle of it, with it all over his arms and legs and had a big handful of it in each hand. He was going to town on one fist full. Seriously he liked it, he was chowing down. So for some reason I turned to see what he was doing and saw what was going down. I ran over and grabbed his arms and held him up so he couldn't eat it anymore, I couldn't stop gagging. It was sooooo gross its not even funny!!! I threw him in the bath, rinsed the poop off of his clothes and mouth etc and then rinsed out, sorta, the tub and then ran water for a bath. I quickly called Jan and asked if poop was poison because I had heard that it was and then went back out quickly to clean up the rest of the poo and to my dismay, it was gone. All gone. Other than some poopy paw prints. Of course, Roxy. She loves her poop too. She had come in and ate it all, even took the Kleenex outside that I had used to get it out of his hand. Gross!!!

That was a fun day!

Friday, November 21, 2008

9 months and counting

Well Brandon is 9 months now and is doing all sorts of new and crazy things. We have started going to our first baby group which really is a lot of fun. Its funny though, I am a bit shy at first kind of sitting off to the side, maybe talking with one person for a bit until I open up and really get chatting with everyone but not Brandon. Hes right on in there, you put him down and hes off. He loves girls, can't get enough of them actually. He heads right on into the center of the room, picks a girl or two and touches them and they play together and he follows them and they bounce together, its really too cute. He loves going and so do I, once I warm up ;)
He has found his tongue, he is clicking it all of the time, too cute. Hes putting his fist to his mouth and making the ba ba ba ba sound. He can say but I don't think mean, mama, dada, nana, papa, tata, and ya! I can stand up on his own, in the middle of the room. Hes starting to get ready for the first steps, a few times hes kinda done one step and then either fallen or grabbed back on but I am in no hurry! He is starting to give raspberries, that's too cute, he almost surprises himself with them! He is also a lot like his Aunty Mickey, I guess when she was little she used to pull on her ears when she was tired, he does the same thing. Its so adorable, he grabs them both at the same time and is pulling on them like what the heck are these things on my head. They got to have a play day together last weekend, they both had a great time, I am not sure who had more fun ;)
Kristina has had a rough week at school this week. There is a little girl in her class who has been having some trouble with her so I am off to talk to the Principal and teacher about it on Monday. It seems as though Kristina won't let her play with anyone else, she says because she wants her to be her best best friend and didn't really see that there was anything wrong with that and the other little girl wouldn't say anything to Kristina about it so Kristina didn't know that she was upsetting her. The parent ended up phoning me and I guess shes talked to the teacher and principal already and decided that they can't be in the same class next year and I had no idea any of this was even going on..........big shock to me! So I am off to deal with that Monday, its gotten way out of hand. The other mom is calling Kristina a bully etc and saying that she may not be able to ride the bus if they can't get a long, she of course drives the bus ;( This mom just appears to be way over involved and overprotective, Kristina now knows that its wrong and isn't doing it anymore. Let me also just say that I know Kristina isn't perfect and I know she has and will lie, be mean etc, I just don't think shes always like that, you can usually tell when they are lying.
Well off to bed I go, have to work tomorrow :)

Monday, November 17, 2008


Well so far this month is going great! I have lots of hours next month for Christmas, this will be my first "retail" Christmas so to speak, Little Me didn't really count because it was mostly consignment. So I am excited for that. Kristina is doing well, she spent the weekend with her Nana and Grandpa and had a great time! Brandon is starting to walk with us more and more, hes quite pigeon toed but hes getting better and better and more confident. He has a really bad bum rash right now, hes teething. I took him over to Grannys this morning for her to take a look and it looks like hes teething and his pee is quite acidic and its burning his poor little bum! So hes got some blisters that we are trying to heal with some really good bum cream and lots and lots of naked time. Hes basically only in diapers right now when hes sleeping or eating! Get better soon buddy!!!

Daddy pretending he was going to spank and I accidentally snapped the camera!
Walking with Daddy!

Pretending to be a dog!

Brandon and Sissy on the new toy!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I can't believe that November is already here, it still kind of feels like September! Brandon can stand unassisted now for a few minutes and Kristina is just getting cuter everyday!!! :) Man I love my kids. Kristina missed me so much this weekend, I worked 8 hours both days, and it was so nice to come home to so many hugs and she just didn't want me out of her sight, cute. She is getting more and more emotional, things that would normally run right off her back are getting to her. There's lots going on at school with all of the girls so its coming out in all aspects of her life! Its OK but we are trying to sort of the issues with the other girls at school. Christmas is in the air! I know its only November but I am getting so excited for Christmas. Its Brandon's first Christmas and unlike Kristina's he will actually be able (sorta) to open gifts and stuff. I am predicting him opening one, eating the paper, and then playing with that one toy and being good for the day!!! Soo excited, so is Kristina, this may be her first year at being sooo excited she won't be able to sleep the night before, kinda neat. Yaa for spending the whole day with family!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More pictures!!!

His cute new Harley outfit (a steal from Little Me) and his car