Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well Christmas came and went way to fast, just like usual. The kids were awesome and had a great holiday. There were lots of toys under the tree and most of the family was around so we got to see almost everyone. It was very overwhelming and exhausting but that is part of the magic of it all.

The kids got spoiled as per usual and even I did. Kris surprised me with earrings from the kids because we decided not to get anything for each other because we just went and got a wii right before Christmas and that was our gift. Kristina actually screamed when she saw her ipod from Santa and Brandon really got into the whole ripping into gifts thing.

We got a big turkey lunch and another big turkey dinner! It was all awesome and so good to see everyone. Its getting more fun every year with more kids being around and getting more and more into the magic of the season.

We kind of gave up on the potty training over Christmas as its to much to have him having accidents on other peoples floors but we are about to get right back into it. He is loving discovering all of his new toys again and again everyday.

I got the tree and decorations all down today so we have so much more room now with the new train table. I feel like I have my house back ;)

I hope everyone else had an amazing holiday. I will try and post some pics soon!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its almost Christmas

We are getting so excited for Christmas! Kristina actually just came down from her room with some presents that she made for all of us and just finished wrapping and put them under the tree. I think that I am more excited than her right now but it will come. She is excited but not super excited like me! I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning! They are going to be just so excited when they get to rip into their gifts!

I think Brandon will even be really into it this year because he will really be able to rip into stuff. he totally doesn't get the Santa thing but he will be sure to get into the ripping open of presents. He really enjoyed decorating the tree. My mom came over for appies to help us decorate and she was helping him put up the decorations and by the end he was running from me to her with a new decoration to hang. He loved it. He hasn't been bad at all with the ordainment's since then either. Same with the gifts. While Kristina was at school one day I got him to help me take all the presents from my room and put them under the tree. He loved it and hasn't really touched them since. Thank goodness he isn't trying to rip them all open.

He is finally at the age when he is coming out with new words all of the time. He said Santa the other day and is trying to say more and more. His vocabulary is finally growing! He still loves his Sissy like no other. She really is his favorite. He is always crawling on to her to hug and kiss her and cuddle with her. He is doing great in his big boy bed still, he loves his bed. He still comes out and cries sometimes but we just have his door locked on the outside and he cries at the door for a few minutes and then goes back to bed on his own. Don't worry we open the door and put up a gate when we go to bed so he's not locked in all night.

Potty training is almost done. When we are at home he is good. As long as he is naked (bottomless) he goes every time. If he is in a diaper he will either be lazy and go in the diaper or ask for us to take off the diaper. He hasn't fully comprehended the whole underwear thing yet. He likes them and wants to wear them but usually pees in them like its a diaper. That will come with time though. The last thing we need to work on is when we are out and at other peoples houses. That will be the last part. I can't wait to be without diapers!

Kristina did good on her report card this session. She is meeting or exceeding in everything except for reading. She is just a little bit behind the game with her reading but its coming. We have started the Hooked on Phonics set (from my blog) and that's working well and we are doing all the home reading we can do at home. She has a spelling and a math test every week and has been rocking them!! So far so good on not being a horrible speller like Kris and I. She still loves school and spending time with her friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope the holidays are everything you could have hoped for!