Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well Christmas came and went way to fast, just like usual. The kids were awesome and had a great holiday. There were lots of toys under the tree and most of the family was around so we got to see almost everyone. It was very overwhelming and exhausting but that is part of the magic of it all.

The kids got spoiled as per usual and even I did. Kris surprised me with earrings from the kids because we decided not to get anything for each other because we just went and got a wii right before Christmas and that was our gift. Kristina actually screamed when she saw her ipod from Santa and Brandon really got into the whole ripping into gifts thing.

We got a big turkey lunch and another big turkey dinner! It was all awesome and so good to see everyone. Its getting more fun every year with more kids being around and getting more and more into the magic of the season.

We kind of gave up on the potty training over Christmas as its to much to have him having accidents on other peoples floors but we are about to get right back into it. He is loving discovering all of his new toys again and again everyday.

I got the tree and decorations all down today so we have so much more room now with the new train table. I feel like I have my house back ;)

I hope everyone else had an amazing holiday. I will try and post some pics soon!

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