Thursday, November 25, 2010

Parent Teacher Interviews

Wow, I was so unbelievable happy when I left Kristina's school yesterday! She is doing exceptionally well. She is happy, making friends, organized, reading at the right level now, doing amazing in math and interacting well and putting her hand up with answers lots! I am so proud of her and best yet she is soooo proud of herself! She was behind in reading and now is all caught up and doing great! She is also really organized and not in an OCD kind of way, I asked lol. She just makes herself as organized as she needs to be to stay on track and focus on her work without wondering where the eraser is etc.

She is so happy with herself that she is all caught up and doing great! She has been going to a focus reading group with 5 other kids and working with an amazing teacher who has brought them all so far! I am so beyond proud of her!

I don't know if she is doing so well with math because Granny did math with her at a young age and has done it with her ever since. She loves math and is always wanting new math books and wanting to learn more and more. I hope that she will continue to do well with math and continue to want to strive to do better and better.

Well we are off to go shower at Grannys and do some baking and go for lunch with Nana so I am off, I just really wanted to remember this amazing parent teacher interview! I love you baby girl and I am so proud of you!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kristinas birthday week

Well Kristina has had a busy few days, so have we for that matter :) It all started on Saturday with a day of hair cuts, shopping, lunch, more shopping and dinner! We had an awsome time, other than a few tears over things being to expensive, she is learning well ;) My mom and aunty Lynn came with us and it was so much fun!

Sunday night we had cake with my family at my moms, that was delishious!!!! Then on Monday after school Kristina had some friends over to watch a movie, make cupcakes and have pizza! It was loud, crazy, and loads of fun. The kids all had a great time and went home hopped up on sugar and exausted at the same time :0

Last night we had Kris's family over for cake and it was awsome. Lots of visiting and a few mishaps, aparently I shouldn't serve tea as I put salt instead of sugar in moms and Kristinas tea :) Oppps lol! Other than that and the wrestling that insued afterwords it was an awsome time! Check out some pics!

Kristinas birthday week

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall pics

Here are some of my favorite pics from Fall! Picking pumpkins, walking on the river, Kris's big catch, and feeding some chickens and goats!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Fall

Well it seems as though I am turning into Reesh with my updates lol!

Our Summer was amazing and so much fun. We spent a week at Kye Bay at our family cabin and the kids were in heaven! Brandon just sat and dug in the sand for hours and played and played and played. He loved being the center of everyones attention and loved spending so much time with his Nana! Kristina swam lots and played hard with her cousins, its was a great time and I would love to do it every Summer!

We also got to go down to Victoria for a nice long weekend and spend some time together as a family! Its nice because Kris and I just don't spend a lot of time together with us working opposite shifts. Its nice to know that I am still happy with who I married :D

Kristina is back to school at her new school and she loves it! She is in a 3/4 split this year, she was in the 2/3 split last year and loves being with the older kids so its working well for her. We are right back into our routine except for now I don't have to drive her to school and drive to the bus to pick her up, its so much nicer! Brandon hops on his bike and her and I walk to the end of the road and drop her off and pick her up! He is missing her but loving his Mommy time too so that is great!

Kristina has already made some friends and is hanging out with Mickeys niece Emily and they call each other cousins, its pretty cute. They are on the bus together too which is nice. I have met some really nice parents at the bus stop, I love that shes going to a rural school cause they all were gumboots, ride horses and like to get dirty!

Brandon was really missing Kristina at first but is getting used to it! We have been painting, playing and just hanging out! He is loving getting to play again all by himself, which I love that he does!! Here he is in his Halloween costume that came today! He was in love with it and ran around with it on for about an hour until he got to hot in it!
Brandon is potty trained now, except for at night but we are pretty close with that! Brandon and I have also signed up for a free family walk every Wednesday with other families and he is loving it! We go for about an hour or two through the woods, on the beach and all around town. I also want to start going to Strongstart with him so he gets more time to play with other kids his age and work on his colors, and counting etc. He has three years but its always a good time to get ready for school!

Monday, June 28, 2010

School is out for Summer (Well almost)

I am so ready to spend all day with my baby girl! I can't believe that she is going into grade 3, she is almost in intermediate, if they even do that anymore! Kris and I finally made the decision to move her to Miracle Beach Elementary and I really think that its the best decision we have made. When we originally cross boundary transferred her to Huband for Kindergarten it was perfect for us because I was working in town and so I just dropped her off on my way to work and then one of us picked her up on the way home. It was perfect for all of us. Kristina made lots of friends and really enjoyed her time there but its time to move on.

I called today to talk to the secretary and she was so nice! There was no worry that it was to late because there was lots of room and they were happy to set up a time for me to come in and fill out the paperwork and they would take Kristina on a tour. She is definitely sad to be leaving her friends but is excited to meet new ones. As long as we keep a positive spin on it she will stay excited!

I am excited that there are smaller classes, its a smaller school overall and that she will meet more kids that live closer to us as that's the school in our catchment. Biggest perk....the bus picks up right across the highway from our road and drops off at our road! I am not going to need to drive everyday and waste all of that gas. I won't have to wake Brandon up from his nap to go and get her, she can just come right home! Yaaaa!

Here's hoping we made the right choice!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

Well Brandon is learning new things in what feels like leaps and bounds! It feels like it wasn't that long ago that we were laying cuddling on the couch all day and all he did was sleep. That really was a long time ago though with how he is now. He is a ball of energy and doesn't stop. It really seems true with my two the differences between boys and girls. Kristina used to just sit and read and color and Brandon just wants to jump, run and be crazy.

He is down to only one nap a day and has been for a while. If I wait until 12:30 he goes down great but its hard because with Kristina in school he needs to be up by 2:30 so he usually goes down around 12-12:30 and wakes up just in time. Sometimes I have to wake him up and he usually goes back to sleep in the van untill we get her and then he is good.

He is an early riser too. He gets up around 6 and goes to bed at 7:30 so he doesn't need as much sleep as Kristina did. To bad too because I love my sleep ;)

He is talking more and more. Kris was cooking dinner the other night and asked him if we should have rice or potatoes and Brandon said potato lol, it was so cute. He can call Martha by her name but only if he thinks we aren't paying attention because when we ask him to he won't do it. Hes learning his animals, what they are called and what sounds they make. Its so cute. He is also getting into wooden puzzles, especially the dinosaur one. He is obsessed with dinosaurs now.

Its so fun to watch them go through different phases because his are all so different than Kristinas. She loved dolls and he loves dinosaurs. Dora and now Handy Manny. Its fun.

I don't have any new photos because I am on my laptop but will try to post some new ones soon!

Kristina is getting excited for school to be done for Summer. I can't wait to be able to spend all day with both of my babies. We have plans of crafts and swimming in the pool and jumping on the trampoline!

I want the weather to turn around and then we can sit outside all day and just soak up the heat and the sun. Brandon loves to be outside playing. He got a bike from my blog, a run bike, and he loves it! He can be on that bike all day and never complain once. He will fall down and get right back up. Come on sun, we are ready for you!!!!