Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well Christmas came and went way to fast, just like usual. The kids were awesome and had a great holiday. There were lots of toys under the tree and most of the family was around so we got to see almost everyone. It was very overwhelming and exhausting but that is part of the magic of it all.

The kids got spoiled as per usual and even I did. Kris surprised me with earrings from the kids because we decided not to get anything for each other because we just went and got a wii right before Christmas and that was our gift. Kristina actually screamed when she saw her ipod from Santa and Brandon really got into the whole ripping into gifts thing.

We got a big turkey lunch and another big turkey dinner! It was all awesome and so good to see everyone. Its getting more fun every year with more kids being around and getting more and more into the magic of the season.

We kind of gave up on the potty training over Christmas as its to much to have him having accidents on other peoples floors but we are about to get right back into it. He is loving discovering all of his new toys again and again everyday.

I got the tree and decorations all down today so we have so much more room now with the new train table. I feel like I have my house back ;)

I hope everyone else had an amazing holiday. I will try and post some pics soon!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Its almost Christmas

We are getting so excited for Christmas! Kristina actually just came down from her room with some presents that she made for all of us and just finished wrapping and put them under the tree. I think that I am more excited than her right now but it will come. She is excited but not super excited like me! I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning! They are going to be just so excited when they get to rip into their gifts!

I think Brandon will even be really into it this year because he will really be able to rip into stuff. he totally doesn't get the Santa thing but he will be sure to get into the ripping open of presents. He really enjoyed decorating the tree. My mom came over for appies to help us decorate and she was helping him put up the decorations and by the end he was running from me to her with a new decoration to hang. He loved it. He hasn't been bad at all with the ordainment's since then either. Same with the gifts. While Kristina was at school one day I got him to help me take all the presents from my room and put them under the tree. He loved it and hasn't really touched them since. Thank goodness he isn't trying to rip them all open.

He is finally at the age when he is coming out with new words all of the time. He said Santa the other day and is trying to say more and more. His vocabulary is finally growing! He still loves his Sissy like no other. She really is his favorite. He is always crawling on to her to hug and kiss her and cuddle with her. He is doing great in his big boy bed still, he loves his bed. He still comes out and cries sometimes but we just have his door locked on the outside and he cries at the door for a few minutes and then goes back to bed on his own. Don't worry we open the door and put up a gate when we go to bed so he's not locked in all night.

Potty training is almost done. When we are at home he is good. As long as he is naked (bottomless) he goes every time. If he is in a diaper he will either be lazy and go in the diaper or ask for us to take off the diaper. He hasn't fully comprehended the whole underwear thing yet. He likes them and wants to wear them but usually pees in them like its a diaper. That will come with time though. The last thing we need to work on is when we are out and at other peoples houses. That will be the last part. I can't wait to be without diapers!

Kristina did good on her report card this session. She is meeting or exceeding in everything except for reading. She is just a little bit behind the game with her reading but its coming. We have started the Hooked on Phonics set (from my blog) and that's working well and we are doing all the home reading we can do at home. She has a spelling and a math test every week and has been rocking them!! So far so good on not being a horrible speller like Kris and I. She still loves school and spending time with her friends.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone and I hope the holidays are everything you could have hoped for!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whats new?

Well lets see, Kristina is loving school and her class. She still has most of the same friends as last year with a few new and there are always a few that she is on and off with. She just turned 7, I still can't believe it! She is an amazing help with her brother and I know that she will be an amazing mom herself someday! She actually said last night that she thinks that she will have kids when she is 23 or maybe 22. I did say that that was fine but to wait and make sure that she had a good man in her life that she loved and wanted to spend the rest of her life with. I think she made a comment about Jon and Kate and how she didn't want to have kids and split up, lol. She is still in swimming lessons and is loving them! She really was a fish in her past life. Shes also in Brownies this year and didn't really want to join but I pushed her and she is loving it! Theres about 3 kids that she knows from Sparks and has already made friends with the other kids, that's what I love about Brownies. Its all about being a good friend and learning to get along with lots of crafts thrown in. And of course lots of running around to burn off their energy.

Brandon's favorite person in his life is Papa, he always has been :) He can say Papa now clear as day. The only other word that he can say as clear is Mama and Dada. He said it so loud and clear at Kristina's cake the other night Papa heard it from the other side of the room. Considering he is hard of hearing that's pretty good! Whenever he sees him anywhere hes grabbing his boots (his new favorite thing) and running over to find Papa and see what hes doing. He loves to go into the shop and "help" by grabbing everything and pointing to stuff for Papa to tell him what it is.

Hes talking a bit but not to much. We are using sign language to get him to communicate with us. He can do please, more, all done, etc but refuses to actually say please! Its quite funny and Granny likes to torture him :) He loves boots, cowboy boots, rain boots, winter boots, it doesn't matter, he loves them. I think its because he can put them on by himself but whatever, he loves it. He also loves baths. He is going potty some times, some poops and some pees but is going most of the time in his diaper. I can't wait for him to be potty trained but I don't want to force it. He knows when he wants a bum change, even if its just too wet. He grabs his crotch and says bum bum. Or if I ask him he says bum bum and nods.

I love you my babies! I am off to make dinner, I am trying to turn into supermom so I don't have to work anymore! LOL!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My baby is going to be 7

Wow, I havn't posted in forever, I have been so busy lately. I have started baking and doing lots of canning and stuff. I think about posting all the time if that counts ;)

So my baby is going to be 7 on Monday! Wow, I can't belive for the life of me that she was born 7 years ago. Shes growing into such a great kid, and I guess young lady, wow. She is a HUGE help with Brandon and I know she will be an amazing mom one day. She loves him so much and would do anything for him. She is getting to be harder to buy for and that makes me realize just how old she is getting, I used to have oddles of stuff put aside for her for Christmas and stuff but not anymore. Its so hard to figure out what to get her.

Not Brandon though, I went through my Christmas bin and did a little inventory and well, hes done :) That's an easy age! All either super clearance or used (mostly) man I am good!

Brandon is starting to say some more words. He can say more, please, nana, bum, juice, milk, go, all done, poop, and can sign more, all done, please and sometimes can do thankyou. Its awsome to be able to communicate with him. I love knowing what he needs or wants and its not as frustrating for him.

Kristina is so excited for her party tommorow. We are going skating and having cupcakes in ice cream cones for the cake. She can't stop talking about the cupcake cones! We are going to my parents for dinner and cake and then Monday night Kris's family if all coming for cake! Busy but great times!

Kris is trying to get a camp job and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that he gets it as it would mean way less stress with money as we could be debt free within a year and I would be able to stay home with my babies and hang out with them all day which is all I really want to do.

Thats all I have for now, so Happy Birthday Baby I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

UGG Boots

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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We are home!

Saturday was a nice relaxing morning, we all just sat around at Leahs and relaxed. Kristina and I hit up a consignment store in town and got some sweet deals. I got Brandon some snake skin cowboy boots for $5.50 and a Gap down filled fleece lined winter jacket for $12.50. Was I ever happy. Kristina and I went over to the hall and helped Holly and her family do some more set up and cut up a cheese platter. We headed to the store for slurpees and went back to Leahs to chill until the 4:00 wedding. We went over to Ken and Hollys to do some pre wedding pics on the bikes and then headed over for the ceremony.

It was your typical tacky redneck wedding, just they had both hoped. Good food, good music and good people. The kids were awesome, they stayed up until 10:00 and were excellent. In fact we had awesome kids throughout our whole holiday, they were just awesome. We got lots of pics and I will get them up soon.

We went to the Calgary zoo Sunday at noon to meet up with my cousins and do the tour, it was an awesome zoo. I would definitely go back again. They had so many awesome animals and the kids loved it but i do think that Kris loved it more :) He got some great photos. We headed out at about 4:00 and I drove until just after the Jasper turn off and then Kris drove, apparently he didn't like my driving ;) We stopped in Golden for dinner and then drove all night until we got to the ferry at 4:00am and slept until the 6:30 ferry. We had breakfast on the ferry and I managed to convince Kris that we should stop at Costco on the way by to get some food, it took a lot of convincing because he was so tired, but so we pulled in and they were closed. I was not happy but was kind of happy to get straight home and unpack and relax.

I drove home while Kris napped, poor guy, and then he went straight to bed. I stayed up with the kids and did all the unpacking and laundry and cleaned the house. It felt so good to be home and back to all our own stuff and to not be living out of a suitcase.

Home sweet home! We are glad to be back but had a great time! Pics to come!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

part 2

Friday Sept 4th 11:30 am

So we did Science world on Wed when we arrived in Edmonton, it was ok, not super, but the kids had a good time. Things that you did as kids are never as fun when you are an adult! We went to West Ed mall because we didn't stay as long at Science world as we thought and had dinner and walked around for a bit. Its a huge mall and if it wasn't for Kris I never would have found my way out or even around. We had a good time wandering around and did a bit of shopping. When we went back to the hotel Kristina and I went for a swim and Kris put Brandon to bed and then when he fell asleep Kris and I switched off and he went swimming with Kristina. It was nice, our hotel room had a patio door that went right out to the pool.

On Thursday morning we had breakfast and packed up to spend the day at the West Ed mall. We had a really good time, did lots of shopping and went and played in the arcade. Kristina has a great time and Brandon napped :) She got enough tickets, with some from some guys, to get two monkey stuffies for her and her brother and some tattoos. Speaking of tattoos, Kris and I both got one at the mall. I was planning on getting mine in Calgary but Leah forgot to make me an appointment. We love them, mine is on my foot though so we ended up going back to hotel not long after. We had a swim and dinner and went to bed nice and early.

This morning we checked out of the hotel and headed out of Edmonton. We found a Harley Davidson store and stopped to get Kris some shirts. Of course I found the clearance rack! I am good, not much great for the kids, it was mostly little girl stuff. Kris was happy though! Now we are off to find the IKEA and then head back to Langdon to unpack at Leahs and head on over to Ken and Hollys for dinner and a visit with everyone.

Friday night 10:00pm

Well dinner was really good, it was nice to see everyone, we got to see Grandma and Grandad, Aunt Sherri and Uncle Ray, Jason, and Micky and Adam! It was a great time, Kristina spent most of the night chasing around Jay and having a good time, she even went and cleaned Dad and Hollys house for them! We are back at Leah and Waynes now doing a load of laundry and getting ready for bed, its going to be a long day tommorow!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Trip so far!

Aug 31st 2009 11:14 am BC time

So we just got off of the Rockies. I have never been to Alberta before and they are gorgeous! I am so excited o see Leah and the girls and meet little Quinton! I can't wait to give him some cuddles! Kristina is pretty excited too. While Daddy and Brandon were napping in the car on the ferry, we missed the 7 so we had to catch the 9, Kristina and I walked around and talked. She was tired because it was like 10 at night so she had the giggles and was telling me all sorts of stuff that she thought was funny. She was telling me that sometimes she gets up after I go to bed and has chocolate milk. I told her she shouldn't have hot chocolate on the ferry because it might keep her awake but after that story she had her sucker mama convinced! We chatted lots about the holiday and what we were excited about.

She really wants to see Leah and the girls and see her Auntie Mickey! Shes also excited about swimming in the pool at the hotel. Personally I am excited to get myself a pair of lulus, shop, and see the Calgary zoo and science world! Kris is excited to take Holly's son Shane's bike for a ride with his dad. Poor Brandon just keeps waking up and crying looking around like are we still really in the van? Poor little guy is having a hard time. He slept most of the night but woke up at about 3 and just screamed, I am not sure if his ears hurt or if he was scared or what. The only thing that would calm him down was holding my hand. I had to hold the little guys hand for like an hour, man was my arm tired. I am going through some huge Internet withdrawals. They had wifi on the boat but the signal wasn't strong enough so I am really wanting to check my email and update my face book. Oh well when I get to Leah's I can!

Well we are not even 24 hours in and are having a super time! All I can say is thank god for portable DVD players, cigarettes, and comfort jeans!

Tuesday night 10:35 pm

On our first day we didn't arrive until about 4:00. I was hoping to be their just after Breakfast but with missing the ferry we were way behind and then we needed to stop and sleep way faster. It was also harder with the kids awake because we had to stop for food and stuff. So today we went to the new mall in Calgary, it was awesome. I got Kristina some new back to school clothes and some stuff for Brandon. We are going to Edmonton in the morning, to go to science world and then swim in the pool and go to west ed mall on Thursday. I am pretty excited. So is Kristina. Kris went over to his Dads house and they went and helped Micky and Adam move and then went for a bike ride. Leah and I took the kids to the water park, they had an awesome time. I love how Brandon is so into it. He loved it, he was going in and out all on his own, and played for probably an hour, by the time he was done the poor little guy was sooooo cold. His lips were blue and he was shaking. He loved it though! We went over to Ken and Holly's for dinner and hung out, the kids had a good time with their Grandpa. Kristina got to go in their hot tub and Brandon just ran around like the crazy little man he is. Kris was lucky enough to borrow Shane's bike, Holly's son. Its a 2005 Harley Rigid. He loved it, we even got to go for a short ride together, I love bikes! They are awesome to ride on! Thanks Ken and Holly for watching the kids so we could do that!

Wed morning 10:00 am

Well we are on our way to Edmonton now to go to Science world, it should be a good time. I think Kristina is more excited to go swim in the hotel pool but that's OK. We will definitely do that lots too! The kids are having an awesome time at Leah and Wayne's house. Its so nice to be able to stay somewhere that theirs nothing they can't touch and there is lots to play with! Brandon got his poor little finger closed in the front door this morning, Kris was packing the van and didn't see him following him, it looks like hes going to loose his nail. Hopefully he falls asleep soon so he can nap the whole way to Edmonton and then can be full of beans for Science world.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

More new pics

Here's some of the latest pics of the kids, sorry Nana that's all I got right now :)

Kristinas Fairy from Market days!

Brandon loves piggy back rides from Sissy!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I know that you have been cursing me Nana and I know that I have been neglecting this blog but I have been so busy working on my new contest blog. I still will be updating and will try to not let it be so long. I have some new pics of Brandon in the excavator with Daddy and he was just in heaven! He has a new favorite machine. He loved riding in it with Daddy while Daddy was digging the new duck pond. He didn't want to get out and when I put him in the bobcat for some pics he just wanted to keep on watching Daddy and go back to the excavator! 18 months already! Time flies by!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brandon can KaKa like a bird and do the Cha Cha!

Well Brandon runs around all of the time saying KaKa KaKa like a bird, its adorable. He can also do the Cha Cha with his Sissy! He yells Cha Cha and chases her around the house laughing his little head off until he gets her and then he holds onto her hips while she bounces around the house singing the Cha Cha! Its adorable!!! He can also pedal his trike all by himself, can't steer at all but he can go forward, you don't want to see him in a corner ;) And to top it all off he can snap his fingers, can't wait to take this handsome guy out for dinner again!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hair today gone tommorow

So we took Kristina for a haircut last week because it was getting crazy and out of control again so I had a friend of mine thin it right out and layer it a bunch. She did a great job, but after we got home I realized how much longer it was, because it wasn't so crazy so we got Aunt Lynne to cut it way shorter afterwards and it looks awesome!!! While we were at the salon Kris and I were joking with my friend about giving Brandon a Mohawk and how cute it would be. So the next day while I was at work, on fathers day, Kris cut his hair while Aunt Lynne was doing Kristina's and did a Mohawk, it was so cute! He got some food coloring and dyed it blue. I loved it. I figure, more for when they are older, hair isn't something worth fighting about, its just hair and it will grow back! Most of the blue was gone by the next day so Kris dyed it red but it turned pink so the day after that he came home on his lunch break and dyed it green but I didn't like it. I needed to go to town and didn't want to wait for it to dry so he rinsed some out and it pretty much all came out so I said forget it, lets just finish shaving it and be done, I need to go. So Kris buzzed the rest and it looked great, except for the pink and green dye that was left on his scalp ;) Everywhere that I went that day I got the strangest looks and questions about why his scalp was strange looking!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Big news on the farm

Brandon can kiss with his mouth closed! We love giving and getting kisses from him even more now! Go Buddy!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well we were a bit concerned there for a bit about little Brandon's feet. One seemed to turn in while he was walking. When he walks, especially when he runs his one foot would really turn in, quite badly. Sadly I didn't even notice this! But so when Mom and Aunt Lynne mentioned it I had no idea what they were talking about. So I made a point of watching his little feet as he ran around the deck that afternoon and was shocked and embarrassed that I hadn't even noticed. It looked pretty bad to me.

So I called the doctors and made an appointment for him and we took him in. To give some history
when he was born the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, arm and one leg, and the first month or two after he was born when they kind of curl up on you back into the fetal position his one leg would always go up funny, I guess how it was in utero because of the cord. I was concerned that it was the same leg and foot and that that was the cause of the problems.

Thankfully I have an amazing doctor who took his time watching Brandon walk around and then fully examined his little feet, hips, legs and stuff. He had Brandon lying on his back on the exam table while he pushed and pulled and pressed and moved everything around. Brandon just layed there and stared contently at him. The doctor was very impressed. He said that hes not pigeon toed because he can turn his feet outwards, you can't do that if your really pigeoned toed, and said that none of the bones in his legs were crocked and that his hips were in line, everything was good, the only thing that wasn't perfect was that one leg was about 1cm longer than the other, and that it wasn't bad enough at this point but he may need a lift in one shoe at a later time.

My doctor and my baby boy rock! Now you can run even faster buddy!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Kristina's been a busy bee!

Well school is wrapping up for the year, yaaaaaaaaa. The class has had a final sharing assembly where Kristina and her big buddy got to read out the title of the poem they had done to the whole school and then read the poem along with there class. It was pretty neat to see, I sure couldn't do anything like that. She wasn't even nervous! They did great.

They also had a beach day. That was a lot of fun, even though it wasn't hot, it wasn't cold though, mind you it did rain a bit. The kids had a great time and even Brandon had a blast besides being a bit cold at some points. The kids did a little walk through the woods and then got to go inside the nature house and learn about some of the animals there and then got to go to the outdoor theater to see more. I got some great photos and thought I would share!

Brandons true love!

Brandon was born to live here. That's just the way it is. He lives on the tractor! If he hears the tractor, he goes running for it. If we are on the deck he runs to the side of the deck and yells for it and waves like crazy. He gets quite mad at Papa cause Papa can't take him on it and when Papa mows the lawn Brandon is not a happy little guy. If Brandon goes missing the first place we look is on the tractor, that has yet to be where he is. Hes either at the woodpile on the John Deere or in the shop on the orange tractor. He will spend an hour or so doing wood with mom, he sits on the tractor while mom loads it, we drive to our deck and he sits on it while mom unloads. After an hour or so of that you would think he would be bored of it but no, he will just sit on it in the yard for, I kid you not, hours. He will also tinker with it. Hes pulling levers, playing with the buttons, throwing the key, or adjusting things. We are just waiting for the day when we hear him fire the thing up. He had a great habit of pulling the key out as soon as he got onto it and throwing it. Uncle Nick has spent to much time searching for the key so he decided to tie the key onto the tractor. Brandon still throws the key but now we can find it. :) I will get your own when you turn 16 instead of a car buddy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My baby's not a baby anymore!

Well hes sure not a baby anymore! Brandon can do lots more new an exciting things. He has turned into quite a climber, he can even get up onto the kitchen table and dance when your not looking! He sure is a lot busier than Kristina ever was at this age. He learned how to get up the back of his slide climber and get down, well the getting down was the easy part! He can climb all the chairs and lawn chairs, hes also starting to be able to throw the ball better, Roxie is liking that!

He is starting to sign and talk more. He can sign more, food/eat, up, all done, and we are working on thank you. He can say up, all done, go, hat, dada, mama, and nana. He is waving bye, even though its turned towards himself :) and gives hugs and kisses on demand! He is even going down for naps and at bedtime without crying entirely or just crying for a minute or two. He is clapping and dancing still, on or off of the table :)

I have his presents already bought for Christmas, I know I am ahead of the ball, but they are all used and awesome toys. They are so much easier to buy for at this age. Kristina on the other hand is looking harder and harder.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mickey and Adam!!!!

Well I have been a little busy in the yard the last little while getting the property ready for the Slater wedding of the year!! I have however had some complaints about my lack of updating, sorry people! I do my best ;)

Yesterday was Mickey and Adams wedding, only a few days after there 7 year anniversary, does that make sense? I hope so. I was thrilled to be included and loved it, not just because I wasn't sick. Its was so much fun and an honor to be included, even though I did get kicked out of some of the family pictures, hello, I am family now! Quite a few people got sick and ended up puking and pooping all night but thankfully I was good to go. I am sorry that so many people missed out on a great party but you can't fight the flu, you need to sleep.

I have some pictures of the beautiful couple to post and of course I can't not post any of my own gorgeous kids so here they are...........

Best picture of the day right here! Love you Mick!!!!!!!!!