Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well we were a bit concerned there for a bit about little Brandon's feet. One seemed to turn in while he was walking. When he walks, especially when he runs his one foot would really turn in, quite badly. Sadly I didn't even notice this! But so when Mom and Aunt Lynne mentioned it I had no idea what they were talking about. So I made a point of watching his little feet as he ran around the deck that afternoon and was shocked and embarrassed that I hadn't even noticed. It looked pretty bad to me.

So I called the doctors and made an appointment for him and we took him in. To give some history
when he was born the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, arm and one leg, and the first month or two after he was born when they kind of curl up on you back into the fetal position his one leg would always go up funny, I guess how it was in utero because of the cord. I was concerned that it was the same leg and foot and that that was the cause of the problems.

Thankfully I have an amazing doctor who took his time watching Brandon walk around and then fully examined his little feet, hips, legs and stuff. He had Brandon lying on his back on the exam table while he pushed and pulled and pressed and moved everything around. Brandon just layed there and stared contently at him. The doctor was very impressed. He said that hes not pigeon toed because he can turn his feet outwards, you can't do that if your really pigeoned toed, and said that none of the bones in his legs were crocked and that his hips were in line, everything was good, the only thing that wasn't perfect was that one leg was about 1cm longer than the other, and that it wasn't bad enough at this point but he may need a lift in one shoe at a later time.

My doctor and my baby boy rock! Now you can run even faster buddy!!!

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