Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My baby's not a baby anymore!

Well hes sure not a baby anymore! Brandon can do lots more new an exciting things. He has turned into quite a climber, he can even get up onto the kitchen table and dance when your not looking! He sure is a lot busier than Kristina ever was at this age. He learned how to get up the back of his slide climber and get down, well the getting down was the easy part! He can climb all the chairs and lawn chairs, hes also starting to be able to throw the ball better, Roxie is liking that!

He is starting to sign and talk more. He can sign more, food/eat, up, all done, and we are working on thank you. He can say up, all done, go, hat, dada, mama, and nana. He is waving bye, even though its turned towards himself :) and gives hugs and kisses on demand! He is even going down for naps and at bedtime without crying entirely or just crying for a minute or two. He is clapping and dancing still, on or off of the table :)

I have his presents already bought for Christmas, I know I am ahead of the ball, but they are all used and awesome toys. They are so much easier to buy for at this age. Kristina on the other hand is looking harder and harder.

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I love these photo's