Monday, June 22, 2009

Brandons true love!

Brandon was born to live here. That's just the way it is. He lives on the tractor! If he hears the tractor, he goes running for it. If we are on the deck he runs to the side of the deck and yells for it and waves like crazy. He gets quite mad at Papa cause Papa can't take him on it and when Papa mows the lawn Brandon is not a happy little guy. If Brandon goes missing the first place we look is on the tractor, that has yet to be where he is. Hes either at the woodpile on the John Deere or in the shop on the orange tractor. He will spend an hour or so doing wood with mom, he sits on the tractor while mom loads it, we drive to our deck and he sits on it while mom unloads. After an hour or so of that you would think he would be bored of it but no, he will just sit on it in the yard for, I kid you not, hours. He will also tinker with it. Hes pulling levers, playing with the buttons, throwing the key, or adjusting things. We are just waiting for the day when we hear him fire the thing up. He had a great habit of pulling the key out as soon as he got onto it and throwing it. Uncle Nick has spent to much time searching for the key so he decided to tie the key onto the tractor. Brandon still throws the key but now we can find it. :) I will get your own when you turn 16 instead of a car buddy!

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Amanda said...

so cute.
i have to admit...i have a love affair with tractors too!! :)