Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hair today gone tommorow

So we took Kristina for a haircut last week because it was getting crazy and out of control again so I had a friend of mine thin it right out and layer it a bunch. She did a great job, but after we got home I realized how much longer it was, because it wasn't so crazy so we got Aunt Lynne to cut it way shorter afterwards and it looks awesome!!! While we were at the salon Kris and I were joking with my friend about giving Brandon a Mohawk and how cute it would be. So the next day while I was at work, on fathers day, Kris cut his hair while Aunt Lynne was doing Kristina's and did a Mohawk, it was so cute! He got some food coloring and dyed it blue. I loved it. I figure, more for when they are older, hair isn't something worth fighting about, its just hair and it will grow back! Most of the blue was gone by the next day so Kris dyed it red but it turned pink so the day after that he came home on his lunch break and dyed it green but I didn't like it. I needed to go to town and didn't want to wait for it to dry so he rinsed some out and it pretty much all came out so I said forget it, lets just finish shaving it and be done, I need to go. So Kris buzzed the rest and it looked great, except for the pink and green dye that was left on his scalp ;) Everywhere that I went that day I got the strangest looks and questions about why his scalp was strange looking!

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Amanda said...

Oh my gosh! Kristina looks so much older with her new haircut! It's super cute! And the blue mohawk is just awesome! So much fun!