Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Whats new?

Well lets see, Kristina is loving school and her class. She still has most of the same friends as last year with a few new and there are always a few that she is on and off with. She just turned 7, I still can't believe it! She is an amazing help with her brother and I know that she will be an amazing mom herself someday! She actually said last night that she thinks that she will have kids when she is 23 or maybe 22. I did say that that was fine but to wait and make sure that she had a good man in her life that she loved and wanted to spend the rest of her life with. I think she made a comment about Jon and Kate and how she didn't want to have kids and split up, lol. She is still in swimming lessons and is loving them! She really was a fish in her past life. Shes also in Brownies this year and didn't really want to join but I pushed her and she is loving it! Theres about 3 kids that she knows from Sparks and has already made friends with the other kids, that's what I love about Brownies. Its all about being a good friend and learning to get along with lots of crafts thrown in. And of course lots of running around to burn off their energy.

Brandon's favorite person in his life is Papa, he always has been :) He can say Papa now clear as day. The only other word that he can say as clear is Mama and Dada. He said it so loud and clear at Kristina's cake the other night Papa heard it from the other side of the room. Considering he is hard of hearing that's pretty good! Whenever he sees him anywhere hes grabbing his boots (his new favorite thing) and running over to find Papa and see what hes doing. He loves to go into the shop and "help" by grabbing everything and pointing to stuff for Papa to tell him what it is.

Hes talking a bit but not to much. We are using sign language to get him to communicate with us. He can do please, more, all done, etc but refuses to actually say please! Its quite funny and Granny likes to torture him :) He loves boots, cowboy boots, rain boots, winter boots, it doesn't matter, he loves them. I think its because he can put them on by himself but whatever, he loves it. He also loves baths. He is going potty some times, some poops and some pees but is going most of the time in his diaper. I can't wait for him to be potty trained but I don't want to force it. He knows when he wants a bum change, even if its just too wet. He grabs his crotch and says bum bum. Or if I ask him he says bum bum and nods.

I love you my babies! I am off to make dinner, I am trying to turn into supermom so I don't have to work anymore! LOL!


Malinda said...

you totally stole my picture!!!!LOL

Anonymous said...

Did your blog fall off the face of the earth???