Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We are home!

Saturday was a nice relaxing morning, we all just sat around at Leahs and relaxed. Kristina and I hit up a consignment store in town and got some sweet deals. I got Brandon some snake skin cowboy boots for $5.50 and a Gap down filled fleece lined winter jacket for $12.50. Was I ever happy. Kristina and I went over to the hall and helped Holly and her family do some more set up and cut up a cheese platter. We headed to the store for slurpees and went back to Leahs to chill until the 4:00 wedding. We went over to Ken and Hollys to do some pre wedding pics on the bikes and then headed over for the ceremony.

It was your typical tacky redneck wedding, just they had both hoped. Good food, good music and good people. The kids were awesome, they stayed up until 10:00 and were excellent. In fact we had awesome kids throughout our whole holiday, they were just awesome. We got lots of pics and I will get them up soon.

We went to the Calgary zoo Sunday at noon to meet up with my cousins and do the tour, it was an awesome zoo. I would definitely go back again. They had so many awesome animals and the kids loved it but i do think that Kris loved it more :) He got some great photos. We headed out at about 4:00 and I drove until just after the Jasper turn off and then Kris drove, apparently he didn't like my driving ;) We stopped in Golden for dinner and then drove all night until we got to the ferry at 4:00am and slept until the 6:30 ferry. We had breakfast on the ferry and I managed to convince Kris that we should stop at Costco on the way by to get some food, it took a lot of convincing because he was so tired, but so we pulled in and they were closed. I was not happy but was kind of happy to get straight home and unpack and relax.

I drove home while Kris napped, poor guy, and then he went straight to bed. I stayed up with the kids and did all the unpacking and laundry and cleaned the house. It felt so good to be home and back to all our own stuff and to not be living out of a suitcase.

Home sweet home! We are glad to be back but had a great time! Pics to come!

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