Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kristinas birthday week

Well Kristina has had a busy few days, so have we for that matter :) It all started on Saturday with a day of hair cuts, shopping, lunch, more shopping and dinner! We had an awsome time, other than a few tears over things being to expensive, she is learning well ;) My mom and aunty Lynn came with us and it was so much fun!

Sunday night we had cake with my family at my moms, that was delishious!!!! Then on Monday after school Kristina had some friends over to watch a movie, make cupcakes and have pizza! It was loud, crazy, and loads of fun. The kids all had a great time and went home hopped up on sugar and exausted at the same time :0

Last night we had Kris's family over for cake and it was awsome. Lots of visiting and a few mishaps, aparently I shouldn't serve tea as I put salt instead of sugar in moms and Kristinas tea :) Oppps lol! Other than that and the wrestling that insued afterwords it was an awsome time! Check out some pics!

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