Monday, June 28, 2010

School is out for Summer (Well almost)

I am so ready to spend all day with my baby girl! I can't believe that she is going into grade 3, she is almost in intermediate, if they even do that anymore! Kris and I finally made the decision to move her to Miracle Beach Elementary and I really think that its the best decision we have made. When we originally cross boundary transferred her to Huband for Kindergarten it was perfect for us because I was working in town and so I just dropped her off on my way to work and then one of us picked her up on the way home. It was perfect for all of us. Kristina made lots of friends and really enjoyed her time there but its time to move on.

I called today to talk to the secretary and she was so nice! There was no worry that it was to late because there was lots of room and they were happy to set up a time for me to come in and fill out the paperwork and they would take Kristina on a tour. She is definitely sad to be leaving her friends but is excited to meet new ones. As long as we keep a positive spin on it she will stay excited!

I am excited that there are smaller classes, its a smaller school overall and that she will meet more kids that live closer to us as that's the school in our catchment. Biggest perk....the bus picks up right across the highway from our road and drops off at our road! I am not going to need to drive everyday and waste all of that gas. I won't have to wake Brandon up from his nap to go and get her, she can just come right home! Yaaaa!

Here's hoping we made the right choice!

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Okay soooooooooooooo school is back in now.