Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Fall

Well it seems as though I am turning into Reesh with my updates lol!

Our Summer was amazing and so much fun. We spent a week at Kye Bay at our family cabin and the kids were in heaven! Brandon just sat and dug in the sand for hours and played and played and played. He loved being the center of everyones attention and loved spending so much time with his Nana! Kristina swam lots and played hard with her cousins, its was a great time and I would love to do it every Summer!

We also got to go down to Victoria for a nice long weekend and spend some time together as a family! Its nice because Kris and I just don't spend a lot of time together with us working opposite shifts. Its nice to know that I am still happy with who I married :D

Kristina is back to school at her new school and she loves it! She is in a 3/4 split this year, she was in the 2/3 split last year and loves being with the older kids so its working well for her. We are right back into our routine except for now I don't have to drive her to school and drive to the bus to pick her up, its so much nicer! Brandon hops on his bike and her and I walk to the end of the road and drop her off and pick her up! He is missing her but loving his Mommy time too so that is great!

Kristina has already made some friends and is hanging out with Mickeys niece Emily and they call each other cousins, its pretty cute. They are on the bus together too which is nice. I have met some really nice parents at the bus stop, I love that shes going to a rural school cause they all were gumboots, ride horses and like to get dirty!

Brandon was really missing Kristina at first but is getting used to it! We have been painting, playing and just hanging out! He is loving getting to play again all by himself, which I love that he does!! Here he is in his Halloween costume that came today! He was in love with it and ran around with it on for about an hour until he got to hot in it!
Brandon is potty trained now, except for at night but we are pretty close with that! Brandon and I have also signed up for a free family walk every Wednesday with other families and he is loving it! We go for about an hour or two through the woods, on the beach and all around town. I also want to start going to Strongstart with him so he gets more time to play with other kids his age and work on his colors, and counting etc. He has three years but its always a good time to get ready for school!

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