Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well I went and spoke with Kristinas principal and teacher and got this all sorted out. Let me start out with saying that shes doing awesome in school. She is excelling in math, that's her strong point. And shes "meeting expectations" elsewhere. We are very proud of her! She had said to the teacher a while ago that she didn't think she had any friends which made both us and the teacher very sad. The teacher asked her what she thought of that now and Kristina smiled and said that she did have friends now, lots of them. She is working on telling people how she feels about them with her words instead of her hands, shes a big hugger ;) We are also working with her on not lying and telling the whole truth. She needs to tell us and her teacher everything that happened instead of just bits and pieces. That way we can all deal with things properly because we have all of the information we need.

The issue with the other mom is just going to be ignored. I have let the teacher and principal know about her phone call and its documented. I have taken Kristina off of the afternoon bus as this mother is the driver. I will either pick her up from school or she can start taking a different bus. I also spoke with another mom in Kristinas class who is also a substitute teacher.........she also got one of these calls. I think this mother is just way too over involved and is trying to get in every one of her daughters little tiffs with friends when sometimes you just need to let them try and deal with it on there own. Kristina knows how to treat her friends and we will be following up with that to make sure shes behaving but I am just going to forget about this mother and move on. Lets hope that she doesn't call me again, but let me put out there now that I think she will be calling me again when she realizes Kristina isn't taking the bus anymore!

Overall we are very proud of girl who is growing up way to fast!

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