Monday, November 3, 2008

Whats new?

Well, Brandon still hasn't taken any steps and Kristina is doing good. Shes really working on her reading, wearing some beautiful new clothes and having lots of drama at school! Wow the drama really kicks it into high gear for grade one. There is a ton of I am not your best friend anymore and don't play with me etc, etc going on, its dramatic, everyday there's something new to deal with but its all a matter of adjusting and learning how to deal with things that come up and learning how to deal with them on your own and when to get help. Shes getting better at it all the time. School work is going well, her teacher said that shes really smart she just needs to put down her head and get the work done because she would rather chat, of course! Brandon's big step this week has been eating pizza like a real man would, hes getting bigger and bigger! I also had the opportunity to babysit my favorite little nephews!!! Check out the super cute pics!

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Anonymous said...

I love Dylan's headband!