Monday, November 17, 2008


Well so far this month is going great! I have lots of hours next month for Christmas, this will be my first "retail" Christmas so to speak, Little Me didn't really count because it was mostly consignment. So I am excited for that. Kristina is doing well, she spent the weekend with her Nana and Grandpa and had a great time! Brandon is starting to walk with us more and more, hes quite pigeon toed but hes getting better and better and more confident. He has a really bad bum rash right now, hes teething. I took him over to Grannys this morning for her to take a look and it looks like hes teething and his pee is quite acidic and its burning his poor little bum! So hes got some blisters that we are trying to heal with some really good bum cream and lots and lots of naked time. Hes basically only in diapers right now when hes sleeping or eating! Get better soon buddy!!!

Daddy pretending he was going to spank and I accidentally snapped the camera!
Walking with Daddy!

Pretending to be a dog!

Brandon and Sissy on the new toy!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ok so my computer is now playing christmas music.. soooooooooo not funny.. but hope brandon gets better soon