Monday, November 24, 2008

Eat $#!% and die!

Since Brandon had this nasty diaper rash we were letting go without a diaper for a few days. Other than napping he was Nekid and loving it!!! And being that I am obsessed with Facebook and such, I wasn't paying to close of attention to him the other day. Needless to say he ate his own poop! It was the grosses thing I have had to deal with as a parent thus far. He was sitting in the middle of it, with it all over his arms and legs and had a big handful of it in each hand. He was going to town on one fist full. Seriously he liked it, he was chowing down. So for some reason I turned to see what he was doing and saw what was going down. I ran over and grabbed his arms and held him up so he couldn't eat it anymore, I couldn't stop gagging. It was sooooo gross its not even funny!!! I threw him in the bath, rinsed the poop off of his clothes and mouth etc and then rinsed out, sorta, the tub and then ran water for a bath. I quickly called Jan and asked if poop was poison because I had heard that it was and then went back out quickly to clean up the rest of the poo and to my dismay, it was gone. All gone. Other than some poopy paw prints. Of course, Roxy. She loves her poop too. She had come in and ate it all, even took the Kleenex outside that I had used to get it out of his hand. Gross!!!

That was a fun day!

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Anonymous said...

Ok so that is pretty gross.. However It is also kinda fun! Seriously children are gross.. why do we have them.. lol.. and just thought i would drop u and line and say.. Jordan is rolling.. hell yeah..