Friday, November 21, 2008

9 months and counting

Well Brandon is 9 months now and is doing all sorts of new and crazy things. We have started going to our first baby group which really is a lot of fun. Its funny though, I am a bit shy at first kind of sitting off to the side, maybe talking with one person for a bit until I open up and really get chatting with everyone but not Brandon. Hes right on in there, you put him down and hes off. He loves girls, can't get enough of them actually. He heads right on into the center of the room, picks a girl or two and touches them and they play together and he follows them and they bounce together, its really too cute. He loves going and so do I, once I warm up ;)
He has found his tongue, he is clicking it all of the time, too cute. Hes putting his fist to his mouth and making the ba ba ba ba sound. He can say but I don't think mean, mama, dada, nana, papa, tata, and ya! I can stand up on his own, in the middle of the room. Hes starting to get ready for the first steps, a few times hes kinda done one step and then either fallen or grabbed back on but I am in no hurry! He is starting to give raspberries, that's too cute, he almost surprises himself with them! He is also a lot like his Aunty Mickey, I guess when she was little she used to pull on her ears when she was tired, he does the same thing. Its so adorable, he grabs them both at the same time and is pulling on them like what the heck are these things on my head. They got to have a play day together last weekend, they both had a great time, I am not sure who had more fun ;)
Kristina has had a rough week at school this week. There is a little girl in her class who has been having some trouble with her so I am off to talk to the Principal and teacher about it on Monday. It seems as though Kristina won't let her play with anyone else, she says because she wants her to be her best best friend and didn't really see that there was anything wrong with that and the other little girl wouldn't say anything to Kristina about it so Kristina didn't know that she was upsetting her. The parent ended up phoning me and I guess shes talked to the teacher and principal already and decided that they can't be in the same class next year and I had no idea any of this was even going on..........big shock to me! So I am off to deal with that Monday, its gotten way out of hand. The other mom is calling Kristina a bully etc and saying that she may not be able to ride the bus if they can't get a long, she of course drives the bus ;( This mom just appears to be way over involved and overprotective, Kristina now knows that its wrong and isn't doing it anymore. Let me also just say that I know Kristina isn't perfect and I know she has and will lie, be mean etc, I just don't think shes always like that, you can usually tell when they are lying.
Well off to bed I go, have to work tomorrow :)

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