Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is coming!!!

I love Christmas! I can't wait, I think I am actually more excited than Kristina is :)

Christmas rocks in more ways than get things of course, but I am a big giver, I love buying people things (sometimes this is bad because I can get carried away) but I love it. You get to spend time with family, all of your family, who doesn't love that? OK I could see some people not loving that, but I am lucky in that I love all of my family and beyond! The looks on the kids faces is priceless!!!!! You really can't beat that. They are sooooo excited that they can't sleep and get up super early and are just sooooo excited its contagious! When they believe in Santa sooooo much and are just thrilled with his gifts and that he ate his cookies and stuff! Wow, Christmas is only 15 days away, almost 14! I am getting sooo excited. I am done my shopping, I just need to get some photos with Santa and stuff like that done and then that's it. Everything is already wrapped, its just in my room instead of under the tree because then Brandon can't tear it apart. But we are ready. We just need some egg nog and we are good to go!!!!

Here are some of the latest pics of Brandon with his eyes open, I finally figured out to stop the first flash so he didn't always have his eyes closed in pics! Enjoy!

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