Thursday, December 18, 2008

10 months

Well I work tomorrow all day so I better do this now so I don't forget ;) Brandon is going to my moms tomorrow night all by his big boy self so that the three of us can have a special night together. We are going to go for dinner, to see Santa, bowling and to drive around looking at Christmas lights. It should be fun. I think she could really use a dose of some just Kristina time. I am looking forward to it. Brandon is drinking milk now, homo milk. He seems to be doing OK on it, we have a bit of an issue the night before last with him being up like ALL night! It was awful, I wasn't sure if the milk was bothering him or if it was just a really bad cold, but I guess it was a cold because we are all good now! Thank goodness! Kristina had a milk allergy when she was little and thankfully outgrew it but it just sucks, rice milk is way more expensive than homo! We didn't even slowly put him onto it, we just did it. He has had lots of yogurt and cheese so I figured it wouldn't be a problem. He has also had his first haircut. Kris has been bugging me for a few weeks to do it but I didn't want to. His bangs were really getting long though so I did finally give them a trim in the bath. Looks pretty good if you ask me :)

PS - I can't wait for Christmas!!!



Kristina doing upside down snow angels :)

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Anonymous said...

Can certainly tell Kristina is her fathers daughter! Face down indeed.

Aunty M