Sunday, December 14, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas........Everywhere I go!!!!

Can you just hear me singing or what? lol! Well, lets is new around here :) Kristina is starting to behave better, starting though, we don't want to get to ahead of ourselves :) We have her sleeping in Brandon's room now. She seems to like it better and I have no worries about that. By the time he will need to go into that twin she will be more than ready to get some time away from him and escape to her attic.

We have had some snow in the past few days so its really feeling winter like around here, along with you know -10 degrees! That's cold! Kristina hasn't played in it too to much because its just too fine, you can't really make anything with it. But its beautiful just the same. She also had her first Christmas concert at school. It was just too cute. She did awesome, they all did. We are all done our Christmas shopping we just need to do one more thing, wrap it and we are DONE!!!! YAAAA for me!!!!

Brandon has finally walked to Sylvie, only a step or two but we can say its official and Sylvie is able to go now ;) Not right now but whenever she is ready. Brandon has now taken 3 steps on his own today, two yesterday for Nana! Hes getting more confident everyday. Yesterday he started waving, and today he started clapping. He really gets into it and really gets going. PS he can also kiss, and he does give the tongue if he really likes you :)

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Amy said...

Aww Kristina looks so cute in her garland headband! And keep going Brandon:)