Thursday, August 14, 2008

Were moving!

Well I don't know what you would call it but Brandon is on the move! He doesn't stay on his back anymore at all, unless he is really really tired. Hes right onto that tummy and then worming his way around the house. He doesn't go too fast and doesn't follow you yet but he can get his way to a toy he wants or his sissy. He can turn himself right around super fast and then can worm his way forward and backwards. Hes also getting right up onto those knees now and going forward. Not the usual crawling motion but its working for him. He definitely likes that he can get to were he wants. I think it definitely helps that its summer so hes in onsies most of the time and then we have laminate flooring so its easy to grip for him.

Kristina had a friend spend the night this week and they were awesome. So awesome in fact that I told them they could have a sleepover once a week until school starts, and I was serious! They were a joy, so easy to look after, they just played outside and in the attic. They even slept up there. It was super, except that I guess when Savannah got home she ended up puking. I guess she got that flu bug we had, it must have still been floating around the house :( Oops!

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