Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Its soooo hard with kids to say when they are "officially" doing anything so I would like to go back a few posts and correct that he isn't crawling, hes "mobile." I know it doesn't make a difference to anyone who reads this but I want to look back on all of this one day so I know when he did anything! So he is definitely moving around and can get anywhere but isn't doing the typical arm and knee crawl. He is up onto his knees, kind of goes forward and then drops and then pulls himself and then so on. Its sure cute though, I love how much more independent he is becoming! I guess that I would also say that hes sitting on his own now. He can sit for quite a while now without falling over, he has been able to sit for a while while holding onto something but fell quite quickly and now hes good for quite a while. I still can't believe that he is 6 months and getting older every day. It goes WAY too fast but at least I am getting to enjoy every moment of it!!!

I also have to say that I have had about enough of Kristina's attitude lately. She is really wearing on me. I am sad for her to go back to school because that we get to spend all day together but at the same time I am very excited because then we will be back to much more of a routine. (Hopefully the attitude will cease as well.) Kris and I have decided to sign her up for Sparks again and hopefully (if her swimming is strong enough) Sharks swim club. They meet twice a week for 45 Min's to work on obviously there swimming. Swimming is something that she really enjoys and is great exercise in the fall and winter when it can be just nasty outside!

Sitting up!

Can you guess who hes looking at?

Of course its Sissy!!!

We got to hang out with Dylan while Mommy was garage saleing, they had a blast!

Getting big!


Reesh said...

How did I not know you have a blog!?!!?

I was just out with Sherry and the ladies tonight and she told me that she hired you on at the store to do pricing!! I couldn't stop laughing and I am sure you must be so excited to still be involved!

Thanks for the congrats!

Amy said...

time for an are working at your old store again? this time you get to make money? lol