Friday, January 9, 2009

Quick update

I don't have any pics this time as I can't find the cord for the camera but I wanted to jot down Brandon's latest accomplishments. He is still walking more and more, and can shake his head no while dancing. This is just so cute. If you have music on, which we do a lot of the time, he starting bouncing up and down or shaking his head back and forth. You can see him try to do both at the same time but he just can't do it, its adorable. Hes also got stairs down pat. Hes been spending a lot of time with the sissy working on stairs here, at Nana's and Granny's. Well there hard work has paid off and he can do it great. He even knows to turn around to come down backwards. He also can get off the couch like that, he just knows to turn around. Brandon is also giving 5! Its so cute, I guess because he figured out the whole clapping thing he can high five now. You just put your hand up and he will smack it. I don't think I have shown Kristina that, I will have too.

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