Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well Brandon had a pretty bad bum rash, poor little guy. So we decided to go and get some disposables and see if we could get it to clear up. Creams were just not working. It cleared up in about 2 days or so and I spent that time stripping my diapers in case there was a detergent build up in them causing his rash. He was back in his cloth diapers yesterday and all is well so far. I also am not puting him back into the Bum Genius ones quite yet as apparently the fabric isn't too hot for those with sensitive skin. We are going to try out the rest for a few more days and if the rash isn't coming back then I will try the Bum Genius ones to see if that was the problem. If it was detergent that problem is solved.

I also heard about soap nuts which are apparently GREAT for washing cloth diapers. They are good for all sorts of laundry but excellent for cloth diapers. I have ordered a sample of them to try out. They are all natural, a berry accually. They grow in India on trees and then the berry dries up and you use the shells for laundry. You just through 4 or 5 shells into a little bag and through it into your wash. The saponins in it are released and thats what cleans your clothes or diapers. They have no added chemicals or pesticides and so they are great for those with Exema or allergies. I am very excited about them.

Amys sister in law Tenille has a contest on her blog right now to win some at feel free to go on over and try to win yourself some. You can also order a sample for a penny plus shipping (it worked out to be about $5)

Anyways I am hoping that these will also be good for Brandons rash and his poor bum!

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