Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rash Rash go away!!!!

Well Brandon's rash has gotten MUCH worse. Its gone on his bum but it moved up to his boy parts. All around the tip is all swollen and blistered. Thankfully its not hurting him too much. We went to the doctor this morning and he was prescribed antibiotics and polysporin. It should clear up in the next 24-48 hours. And even my doctor who is in like his 50's said it wouldn't be from cloth diapers, so we are excited to keep on using them when hes done with the polysporin. I also picked up some raw silk liners which keep babies bums drier and they are antibacterial. They are great for sensitive bums! Birthday gift idea. More of those from Little Me, and we can always use more diapers! Any who we also decided today that he really needed to get some shoes. Hes walking so well that he just needs them. So off I go to my drawer of goodies and out popped the cutest shoes. Mini Pas, they squeak when babe walks. So cute. Brandon of course is scared of them, he screams as soon as they go on which is weird because hes used to wearing Robeez everyday, these are leather too, a bit more sturdy than Robeez but still soft. He will get over that eventually. Kristina has been home the last two days with a fever, low grade, but enough that I can't send her to school. Not much else new with her :)

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