Saturday, January 24, 2009


So Brandon seems to be down to one nap a day, yaaaaa. I am loving the one nap a day. He is napping for like 3 hours or so, so I can get lots of stuff done. Its not like before, when he went down and I shower, tidy the house and hes up again. I am happy. Hes also getting tired earlier at night and going to bed now most nights at 6:30 to 6:45. I was worried at first that he would start to get up earlier too but so far so good, hes still getting up at like 7. Kristina gets Mommy and Daddy alone time now after he goes to bed, she is happy too. We put his new squeaky shoes on again tonight and he likes them! Yaaaaa. We also let him walk down to Nana and Papas tonight and he was soooo proud of himself. He kept smiling and giggling. Too cute. His infection seems to be almost totally gone. Yaaa. I guess he really does have sensitive skin though because hes in disposies right now and he pooped at Nana and Papas and so we came home and changed him and his little bum was already red so I guess that's just how he is and we just need to be careful.

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