Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too much time with Granny and Uncle Nick!

Well I think Brandon has been spending too much time with his Granny and Uncle Nick! We went outside this morning to fill the wood box, again! Then when we were finished we headed into the green house to get the top for our gazebo to put up and then headed back to the house to play on the deck. Instead of following me home he headed straight for the duck house, with a purpose.

I followed him to see what he was doing and he headed straight into the duck house. Before I could catch up with him he had the cooler of duck food open and was filling a bucket with handfulls of food for the ducks. It was so cute, I went in and asked him what he was doing and he said ducks. So he got a few handfulls in and we went to feed the ducks. He of course wanted to hand feed them but they weren't going to have any of that. So I finally convinced him to throw it at them. And that he did, he hummed it right at them lol!

Once we were finished he went to go put the empty bucket away and Martha was eating out of the duck food dish. Brandon decided to take it upon himself to discipline her. He yelled at her, "Martha No" and she walked away and he put his hands on his hips and glared a very disappointed look her way. It was so funny! And back to the house we went.


Anonymous said...

Good for you Brandon - someone has to smarten that dog up!

Old Aunt Mick

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