Monday, May 26, 2008

I am over it!

Ok so the diapers sounded like fun and they were SUPER CUTE but I am over it. Lets be realistic, I hate poop. Like I really really really hate it. What was I thinking? Well I guess you all know, I wanted to buy stuff but hey I don't really need it. And of course what appears to be a good deal on Ebay the price always jacks way up at the end. Oh well I am over it. On to bigger and better things.

The van ROCKS! I love it. I never thought in a million years I would want to drive a minivan but its great. So much room, the windows are huge so I can see everything, and it has a sunroof, that just tops it all off for me. It has everything I wanted, air conditioning, cruise control, power windows, and seating for 7!!! I can admit however that I was uber disappointed in the fact that it didn't have power locks. No beeper I can handle but no power locks, how the hell do you do that with two kids, a purse, a diaper bag and god knows what else. Well I guess they did it in the olden days...he he he...but I finally got a hold of my PMS and said I will figure out a way to make it work. The van was only $500 and including everything we got for it including all the fun stuff like cup holders and stuff is came in well under $1000 so I can suck up the power locks. I got over it but admittedly was still a little bummed, but only a little. Today however I discovered that if you push the lock down in the front (driver or passenger ) they all lock or unlock so how cool is that. Now I am over the moon. And of course it wouldn't be complete if my darling husband hadn't spend ALL day yesterday cleaning it, and fixing it, and cleaning it, he rules. I love you honey.

And of course for Brandon, he is 3 months now and talking up a storm, it is sooo cute. Its like he really thinks he is talking to you. We took him for his 3 month check up today and he is 15lbs, he is a getting to be a big boy. He is really teething right now, hes just kind of cranky, only as cranky as a Watson child can get :) and we just got some homeopathic stuff for him and it works like a charm. He is soo close to rolling but I know that when that happens its just a matter of time until he is rolling all over the house and then crawling and then walking, man I am sooo not ready for that. Finally he is smiling tons, just like big sissy Kristina did when she was little. I love smiley babies, they are just too cute. He is giggling a bit but the belly laugh is were it is for me. I can't wait for it although I am trying not to be more excited for the stages that are coming and just trying to enjoy the now. Brandon is most likely our last baby so I am just trying to enjoy him and not stress. 2 weeks to go until I get to stay home with him and Kristina full time, man am I ready for that. Beach and park here we come!

We can't forget to post a picture of our BFF Amanda, Kristina sends a shout out to you :)

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Amy said...

Poor Brandon, he looks just like Kris!