Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Solids Already???

Wow. Who would of thought that at three and a half months he would be totally ready for solids? Not me that's for sure. They say 6 months for solids now but when Kristina was born it was 4 months so I figured I would start him at 4 months like we did with Kristina. Ask anyone, if there is anything I am anal about its food for my kids. (Not as bad as I used to be though rest assured folks) I can't help but think that by feeding them too much and too early might hurt them. Who knows really but I have just read it so much its been ingrained into my little head. But Brandon is showing all of the signs of being ready and after talking to good old Auntie Malinda today we were thinking that it might help him sleep through the night. Its funny that when Dylan was little I told her that but when your in it yourself you don't always see it as clearly as other people do. So I am hoping that after a crap load of rice cereal, a super fun bath, some tummy time and then playtime, half a bottle (with bloodshot eyes he was sooo tired) that he will sleep through the night or almost anyways. He was only getting up once but in the last week or two hes been getting up like 2 sometimes 3 times. He was teething a bit but I also think hes just in the habit of getting up. Last night the first time he got up he only had 1 1/2 ounces and then went back to sleep so he obviously wasn't hungry. So we will take the Aunty's advice and hope for the best tonight. Lets all cross our fingers, mommy and daddy are exhausted! But how cute is he?!?!?!

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Anonymous said...

He is definitely a cutie - but he can't multi-task yet. Can't eat and smile at the same time! BTW, the deck looks awesome.

Aunt Mick