Thursday, May 29, 2008

Becoming a SAHM

I am getting nervous. I think I can do it all. Right now I work full time and take of most of the things at home, of course with the help of hubby, most of the time. I am imagining, in a week and a half, that I will have time to go for a walk or two everyday and play lots with the kids, keep the house clean, cook, and just all around have lots of time to get everything done. If I can get it all done now while I work full time how can I not when I am not working. I don't know though. I am starting to get worried. I am remembering Brandon's first two weeks where Kris and I were both home and really he was easy, ate and slept and we just took turns, but the days flew by and we got like nothing done. I am worried it will be like that. I will get up start to get stuff done and the day will be over. What if I don't get any more done than now and we just have way less money? What if I don't get to spend that much more time with the kids with all the extra housework and stuff and then its not all that great. I have been reading this blog called "True Mom Confessions" and I read all these women saying how they either hate staying home or spend all day online, which I could totally see me doing, or they get nothing done. Hopefully that won't be me. Hopefully I will love it and get lots done and the kids will always behave and it will be glorious. Ha Ha Ha, hopefully I just don't kill them. I guess I should just not worry and see what happens. I am trying to not get my hope up and expectations going but I can't help it. I envision spending the days at the water park and the beach while finding lots of time to play and clean and hopefully cook. We will see I guess. 7 days of work left YAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I am sooooo ready for no stress.


Robin said...

I highly recommend a project.

Hey, that reminds me, I can always use an extra hand with CVK if you start to go totally bonkers (seriously)

SAHM is so much work...but it also means kicking into super creative gear.

You'll be totally awesome Dana.

Dana said...

Thanks Robin, I will drop you a line when I start to go out of my mind, probly after summer ;)

Amy said...

I'll be honest with you Dana. Being a SAHM mom is the most rewarding, frustrating, interesting and boring job ever. it is also the only one I truly love! Just remember, the worst day with the kids is still better than the best day at work...and hey, even moms get to take an hour off once a week and have a bubble bath, a silent walk or grocery shopping. Congratulations on getting to be a SAHM. Besides, with summer, the house work should be less if you are outside or at the water park because you won't be there to make a mess;)