Thursday, May 22, 2008

A new van for Mommy

YAAAA for us. We just bought a 1992 Bluey Green Mazda 4x4 MPV (Van)!!!!! Could I be anymore excited? Hell no! Kris is going to fix up and sell the truck and drive the car for a while. Once we find someone to take over the lease (Cross your fingers) he will get another truck, a cheaper one. Well back to my van, I have been wanting for a while now. Who would have thought that with two kids a full sized car wouldn't be big enough. Obviously me or I wouldn't have signed a lease on a car. But yes its way to small for us. Kristina can be in the back (if she wants) and have the whole bench to herself and Brandon can be behind me and there is lots of room for groceries and all the other goodies that go along with being a mom. And YAAAAAAA it has a moon roof. I am still not sure yet if that means it pops up instead of rolling all the way back or if its really like a regular sunroof, who cares though, it has a hole in the roof, and it doesn't leak! Can you tell I am excited. Kris is bringing it home tomorrow and working on it tomorrow night and Saturday if need be and then hopefully we can take it out camping with my folks Saturday night. It just needs a new radiator and a tune up, all of which Kris can do. Who doesn't love having a super handy husband.

OK I need help. I am on a diaper kick. Its like I get something in my head and I just obsess about it and I can't make it go away, its awful. I want to buy cloth diapers. But I can admit its not for the environment, its because they are just so cute now. Super cute prints and just as easy to use as disposables, way cheaper in the long run. They make ones that are good from 8-35 lbs and then you can sell them after. Too cool. I am thinking about the poop part though. Pee doesn't bother me at all. Another load of laundry a day, no problem, I actually like to do laundry, I really do. But poo, I don't know yet. See hard poop, no problem, just give it a shake into the toilet but its the runny ones I am worried about, gross. I don't want to touch it and I don't want tons of it going through the wash because ya, I put me clothes in there too. Eww. Kris says No Way, he has basically forbid it :) But I don't know there are some on Ebay right now and if I can get them for cheap enough I will get them because if they are that cheap and I end up not liking them I will resell them and get more back than I paid so its no risk. Even if I do like them when I am done I can sell them and get more money back. And they are CUTE :) See I have problems.


Anonymous said...

If you are so inclined then bring some home from work and try it out for a few weeks and if you like it then...................You have the product right before you, and poop doesn't really care if the diaper is cute.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Hey there

for once I agree wiuth mom, and just so you know they have new liners out that you just flush down the toliet when they poop... so even less touching it..i am totally using cloth for the next baby, one less expense is nice for sure..i am jealous about the mini van..hope u can get rid of the lease soon, it is hard


Sherry and Avery said...

If you need diaper advice you know where to go:) I have yet to see a good deal on good diapers on you are lucky!