Saturday, September 13, 2008

More teeth!!!

Well Brandon was a bit crankier than normal last night so I finally thought to check and see if he was getting more teeth, well he is. His top left tooth was almost through and should be by now. He sure is growing up fast! At least I can be thankful that hes not too bad while getting teeth, gotta love it!

On other news I am exhausted!!! I worked three days this week for my old store "Little Me" and then my usual 20-25 hours at "Reitmans" and of course doing everything at home! I had to give up working at "Little Me" because its just too much. Brandon didn't really like it because he had like a 4 by 4 spot to play and could see Mommy but she couldn't play. And I was just wiped, I can't do it all. I finally realized that that was why I sold the store, I didn't want to have to do it with the kids. I wanted to stay home. I did get some good stuff out of it though. I got lots of Christmas gifts and a shower gift and some clothes for the kids. It was fun but I feel much better now that I am done!!!

Gotta go as I am off to work :)

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Amy said...

more teeth? go brandon!