Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mama says slow down!

Time is just flying by lately, it seems like Brandon is doing something new everyday! His top left tooth has cut through and the right one is right behind it. The two on either side of them look to be not far behind as well, I guess that would explain the rough night last night! I was up 4 times and Kris 2 times, wow! Hes just extra cranky, but luckily for us that's still pretty happy! Yaaaa for easy kids! Yesterday Brandon starting to do the normal crawl, he just got it like that. As soon as he figured it out he was off and it was done! He is getting much faster at chasing his Sissy and they are both loving it! I am so glad that they both like each other so much still. I know they will always love each other but I hope that they will always like each other and maintain a close relationship throughout there lives! Brandon has also started pulling himself up onto stuff, man they go through the stages fast, I knew in my head that about a week or so after crawling he would be standing but wow, to fast for me!

Look at my teeth!

"Gotcha Sissy"

Look at me standing all by my big boy self!!!
"I love the ball Nana got me"


Amy said...

I love the photos where Brandon is attacking Kristina~! Too cute:)

Anonymous said...

Great shots.
Too fast they grow