Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reesh would be proud ;)

Its official, I am turning Hippie :)

I have always used homeopathic teething stuff for Brandon, it works AMAZINGLY well! I love it. I am all over the stainless steel water bottle thing! Ask anyone ;) I bought a DHA supplement (also known as cod liver fish oil) for both my kids a week and a half or so ago. Its supposed to be great for eye development, brain development, behavioral issues, and much much more! Its going good too except for Kristina making herself vomit the first time she tried it. That was fun. She always has been good at making herself gag and such so it was not too out of her realm.

My latest though is good old cloth diapers! I used to think that cloth diapers were a HUGE pain in the ass, messy, yucky and just gross! I wouldn't even have considered it with Kristina. A few months back I pondered it for Brandon and decided no. Kris was totally against it and I was wanting to do it because it was "cool" the diapers were fun looking, it was something to buy, and lets face it, I LOVE to buy stuff ;) If I can remember correctly it came down to the poop factor. There is a poop factor no matter much you think there isn't one and I was just not ready for it. It has been on my mind though the last few months and its one of those things I just couldn't shake. I just kept coming back to it. I was feeling like because this is my last baby it was my last chance to at least try cloth. I was feeling like if I didn't I was definitely going to regret it.

So what did I do? I headed down to my old stomping grounds, Little Me and chatted with Sherry and Kristina and tried to figure out what I wanted to do and what my best options were. I decided to a bit of each and went with three different types. I won't go on and on about them, but they are great. So simple to use, very cost effective and so so so so cute!!! I have dealt with my first cloth diaper poop and it was fine. Rolled right off into the toilet and no gagging, ya for me. Kristina also suggested that if its really runny and won't just fall off the diaper to rinse it out in the tub with the shower sprayer. Of course. So simple. And I just through them in the was every few days and we are good to go!!!

Are you proud Reesh or what? :)

I am very happy with my purchase and now I sit and wait for them to call and tell me that more have arrived for me to go and pick up. YAAAAAAAAA!!!


Reesh said...

I already knew you had bought some because when I was in Little Me the other day buying some cloth diapers Sherry exclaimed "you'll never guess who was in here buying cloth diapers!" Of course I couldn't guess, but it was you and yes I am very proud of you, and shocked! What a good little hippie you are!

Dana said...

I knew you would be shocked! lol!