Thursday, October 2, 2008

Growing up too fast!

So Brandon now has 6 teeth and it looks like 2 more are on there way in. We are back to sleeping through the night without a bottle, that only took like 2 days but it was so needing to be done. He was waking for a bottle. I would just hand it to him and then would go right back to sleep. Had to stop that one, we was getting tired ;) He is also without soother now, has been for a few weeks. He just got less and less interested in it so I finally got around to actually throwing the last of them out yesterday! He just won't take them. That's OK, one less thing to wein him from! We will see how well that goes with the bottle, I am seeing a battle with that one ;) I am so loving cloth diapers, and yes I have had to do lots of poops and even a runny one ;) They really are just as easy as disposables, except for the laundry. And yes, if you know me at all I love to do laundry. Its so fun to stuff and the diapers and line them up on the change table. Love it. Which is good considering we have invested in it and got rid of every one of our disposables. Apparently that's a bad idea when you are just starting cloth though as I went to do the laundry and still had two clean cloth diapers, but apparently that's not enough when he poops twice in 1/2 an hour. So receiving blanket and liner it is ;) Learned that lesson fast. I just picked up some more diapers from a woman up the highway for a really good deal so now I have lots. Here's some cute pics of him in his new diapers!

My awsome new furniture!

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