Thursday, October 23, 2008

Birthday girl

Well the birthday girl had an amazing birthday with lots of family and of course lots of sweets! She had a wonderful time and so far 6 is good! She is getting better and better everyday with her reading, I can't believe I just said that, my baby girl is starting to read!!! She is just getting so grown up. Brandon on the other hand is growing up fast as well. He is starting to let go when he is standing, it shouldn't be long until hes walking.....we are hoping that if he is fast he will take his first steps to Sylvie (Aunt Lynne and Uncle Nicks dog) just like his sissy did. He is also starting to sit in front of his wooden toy box and bang the back of his head against it, repeatedly. He has a big grin on his face the whole time too, too funny. He is just getting over an eye infection, cold and double ear infection. He has been great throughout the whole thing. I didn't even think he had an ear infection. I was just taking him to the doctor for eye drops but the doctor said that he had two full blown ear infections. The only time he has really been cranky is when I wake him up to go to town to do something, all he wanted to do was sleep! Poor kid, mommy just can't stop for anything. Kristina lost another tooth last night and it was just as exciting for here as the first! She has lost 8 and Brandon has 6 teeth now, so the race is on!!


Our gifts were a big hit!

Kristina and Louisa having a blast!

Doesn't she look all grown up!

Kristina and her Daddy!

Gotta have the Hannah Montana!!!

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