Friday, June 6, 2008

I am done like dinner!

Wow. I have sold my store and am officially (in 17 hours) retired. Well hopefully not for long. I do plan on working part time, like some nights and one weekend day, to keep my sanity and get me out of the house. And of course to help pay off the "debt." I am so done though. I still have to work tomorrow but wow, I feel done. I am sooooooo excited to be done. No stress, no more juggling Brandon and the store at the same time. That has actually been OK. I have enjoyed it thus far but hes getting to the stage where he is awake more and doesn't want to spend all day in the playpen. Well hes not in there all day but... So its only fair, now we can hang all of the time. Kristina is of course sooooo excited as well, she just wants to go to the water park everyday :) Brandon is definitely rolling more and starting to laugh more and more. I love this age. He is so curious about everything and just wants to stare at everything. I think that he will definitely miss seeing so many people every day as of course everyone ogles him all day. He eats it up of course, just like his daddy :) He is talking away and just wants to hang out. He loves his big sissy like you wouldn't believe. She just rules his world. She comes over and he looks over and gives her the biggest smile ever. They were having a bath together and she was holding him and he barfed on her. All down the front of her and all she said was get the camera mom, take a pic, I didn't though because I didn't want to leave them alone but it was cute. She just did not care. He has though barfed on her shirt and she was not happy cause she was getting ready to go to school and already had her outfit all "matched" she is totally turning into a girl. Anyhow off to bed to rest up for the last day :) YAAAAAAAA for me :)

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Amy said...

Have fun on your last day! Those two look so cute in the tub together...ahh, can't wait until Winston gets to meet his new brother or sister.