Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I can't believe I am now a SAHM officially. This is rocking so far. I love it. I have time to get everything done, spend lots of time with the kids and by 8:30 last night Kris and I were like wow, we are bored, we have nothing to do. So we went to bed. And I still slept till 8:15, good thing Kris called to wake me up ;) Brandon is getting big so fast. He is loving him jumperoo, hes not quite jumping yet but its awesome. He can kinda just hang there and play with the toys. He is definitely grabbing toys more now. I got him a new wooden rattle ring today (shhhhh don't tell Kris ;) He loves it. Its the perfect size to grasp and he loves to chew on it. I can't believe how fast its going.

We are talking about Kris getting a vasectomy and I guess its OK I just am having a hard time saying that I am absolutely certain I don't want any more kids. Don't get me wrong I definitely don't want more but its hard when we are only 26 and 27 to say that for sure we never want more. Kris has no problem with it its me ;) We will just have to see.

On a new note Kristina took it upon herself last night to take a nail off of the table and carve her name into it. The letters are about 4" high too. Lovely. Lets just say she was sent to her room without dinner and is in there all day today (other than school.) I asked her why she did it and all she said was that she didn't know, and when I asked if she knew it would wreck the table she put down her head and said yes. Man oh man what fun we have been having today! I have to say its kind of embarrassing to admit when she does these things but really I know that its all in how you deal with it, all kids to bad stuff you just need to deal with it well so its not happening again.
PS Could I be any happier to not have the stress of the store and to have it gone? No way, absolutely not!!!! YAAAA For Me!!!!!!!!!

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