Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kristinas birth story!

Lately I have been thinking that before it fades completely from my memory I wanted to document my kids birth stories! Kristina had a few due dates, the 16th and the 20th (I think) and was born at 11:19 am on the 19th of October 2002.

The evening of the 18th I spent about an hour organizing Kris's sock drawer. I am an organized person by nature but that was a bit extreme. He wanted to go to sleep because he had to work earlier but I insisted we organize the socks and take some last minute maternity photos. I sure got frustrated with the pictures because they weren't looking like professional ones, and I looked fat. Not really his fault but I was apparently a bit cranky :)

I woke up at about 5 am or so with what felt like normal period cramps and woke up Kris to tell him it was starting. I changed my mind though and told him no, he could go to work. My water hadn't broke yet so I tried for a relaxing soak in the tub and felt a bit better. We called Mal and Amy when we first woke up to tell them it was starting because they had called us everyday for the last few weeks to see if it was happening yet. We were pretty happy to be able to call them nice and early in the morning and wake them up for a change!

The cramps started to get worse so Kris called into work to tell them he wasn't coming in. We pulled out the crib board and started playing crib and some card games. It really wasn't that bad, when a contraction came on I just had to stop for a sec and kind of breath through it. We called the hospital to see if we should come in and they said not until the contractions are only a few minutes apart. They seemed to be very random to me. Kris got out his watch and we started timing them. We realized that they were every 4 or 5 minutes and we should probably get going to the hospital. We called the moms to let them know we were headed off.

When we got to the hospital I was doing so well that the nurses though I was in false labor or very early labour and should go home. I was doing ok until it was time to lay on my back and have my cervix checked. I couldn't lay on my back, it was horrendous pain. They kept telling me to lay on my back and then they would proceed to walk out of the room. I wasn't staying on back for no reason so I kept sitting up. When they finally checked I was 8cm. They were a little surprised to they quickly decided to call Dr. Green and start to prep everything they needed. They popped my water and I quickly went to 10 centimeters. By this time my mom was done getting her hair cut, had to look good for photos ;) and Kris's mom was done garage saleing for the day. They waited outside the door and could hear everything. My mom kept having to go for little walks because she couldn't bear to hear by cries.
It was time to push! My favorite part....NOT!!! I hated pushing, it was awful. I remember I kept yelling I can't do it, but they made me! It was awful. I tried to get some drugs but it was to late, they gave me the mask to try some nitrous but it just made me gag. I tried again but I just couldn't inhale it. Darn! It didn't take long for me to push her out.

She was born at 11:19 am. I have to admit that I refused to push out the placenta. Nobody told me when I was pregnant that you had to do that and I wasn't having any of it! My mom and Kris's mom were allowed to come right in after the placenta and blood was all cleaned up (my mom has a weak stomach) and we all got to cuddle her and hug and cry. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. She was gorgeous. All of our family arrived shortly after and everyone got a cuddle and got to see our princess. We had to stay one night at the hospital and then we went home. Our family was complete.

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