Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brandons birth story

Well it was a Monday night and we were vegging on the couch watching House and I was chowing on licorice and reading Cosmo on commercials. I started to get some pains and honestly didn't pay any attention to them. Kris was all worried about them, but I wasn't, hey it was a good House! Kris decided that we should time the "pains" but I didn't see the point but thought hey, if you want to time them you can. I guess I wasn't really paying attention because Kris kept asking has it started yet, is it over yet, and they were so regular that he knew exactly when it would start. Apparently they were quite regular because they were right on the mark every 5 minutes. We decided to skip the rest of house and call the moms. Kris carried Kristina over to his moms and put her in the bed over there and she was what you would call a little excited, she wanted to know what was going on ASAP! We also called my mom to let her know that we thought that this was it and we were on our way. She had to work the next morning though so she didn't want us to call in the middle of the night.
I don't remember how far along I was when we got there but the contractions got harder than they did with Kristina. They were getting to the point of being unbearable so I asked for some drugs. They gave me some phentanal and I swear to you it didn't work. I asked for more but they wouldn't, they told me to give it time. It didn't work! They decided that it was time to break my water and that's when they discovered that Brandon had pooped inside of me and they needed to call the pediatrician in case he had ingested any. Of course it was all rainy and windy and it took him about 45 minutes to get from Royston to the hospital. I had just hit 10cm when they called him so for 45 minutes I had to resist the urge to push. It was pure hell. My body was wanting to push and trying to push and I had to hold it all back. It was awful, I tried to take the gas but wasn't able to with Kristina, it made me gag. It was doing that again but I just kept on sucking it in. Apparently eventually I started to like it because when the contraction ended I kept on huffing away and the doctor kept having to tell me to put it down, I sure didn't want to. When the pediatrician finally showed up I was finally able to push, it only took about 2 or 3 pushes to get him out. I was ready. We had to hold on though because the cord was wrapped around his neck, arm, and leg. He hooked his little leg back up into that position for a weeks after being born. He didn't end up needing help with the meconium, he only ingested a little which created florescent green poop.
Once Kris cut the cord and they cleaned me all up, I didn't tear!!!! YAAAA!!!! We wanted to go to bed because he was born at 2:19 am but they wanted us to bathe him first. We just kind of told them that we already knew how to do that and asked if they could just do it for us and bring him back when they were done. They weren't to keen on it but did it anyways. We called Kris's mom to let her know and she told Kristina when she got up in the morning. We called my mom when we got up the next day and she came out to see us. We asked to be discharged at 10 or 11 and went straight to Kris's moms work to show her her newest grandson and then headed home. I will never forget the look on Jan's face when we pulled up to her clinic!
This year has gone by so fast and I look forward to many more with my family!


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honestly cant believe it is a year a go already that i was telling you that your cramps were more than cramps.. crazy....and look at how tiny they are when it all begins.. happy belaid birthday Brandon

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Thanks! Who are you? :)